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plitrk7w°1"-"` o The right manner ofdrawing nigh cher bufinefs:; Nowwhen I come toWorship God I mull lay a- fide all,for there's the preparation of the hearr ' the feparating of it for Each a work, for that's the natureof Sanctification, the feraratingofa thing from a common ufe ; I am to worthip God, now I muff labor to feparate my heart from a common rife : At other times Godgives me liberty to let out my heart to com- mon ufes ; but now when I come to worfhip him, I muff fepa- race my heart from all common ufes, that my heart may be wholly for God. I remember it is faid in the ftory of Cicil which was Lord Treafurer,that when he went to read, he would lay his gown off,and fay, Lie there Lord Cicil: So whenwe go to duty, we fliould fay ,Lie by world : ( and by laying afide the world, I mean laying afide of all houfhold affairs, or affairs in trading, Scc.) I muff be as one that hath nothing to do in the world for that time : It is true, the time cannot be faid tobe ho- ly for this, as:the time of the Sabbath day is holy., Youwill fay, Whymay not any rime be laid to be holy that I fpend in holy duties ? No,that is not enough to make time ho- ly, for the time that God makes holy, it is not holy becaufe bf the duties that I perform in it, but the duties that I perform then are more acceptable becaufe they are done in fuch a time, and fo that makes a placeholy, nor becaufe it is appointed for holy du. ties and ufes,buttecauie it is foappointed by God ; and theper- forming a duty in that place is more acceptable to God than .41 our another place : But now though we cannot make ° time holy in that fecond fence,yet in the firft, it is time fec apart for a holy ufe, and in that regard it is holy, and fo we fhould look upon it as not tohave our outward bufinefs to devour that time that is ho- ly in chat regard, as Nehemiah, When Tobiah and Sanbal/at Cent to him to come and confer with them ; No, faith he, I can- not go,for the work*greatthat I have to do : So we muff not untangle our felves tomeddle withother things when we are to conic to worfhip God, for our work is great. The Fourth thing for preparation is, To Watchand to Tray We amidwatch over our hearts Leff be made unfit for duties, Sowe fhould prepare for Prayer all day long in this fence that is, we fhould watch over our hearts that they be 440r. let out fo far as tohinder us in prayer when we comer() do