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to god in Worfhip. it, I rememberthat Tertullian faith, That the Chriftians did fo fup as if they were co pray :. So when thou art in company Thou fhouldeft watch unto prayer. Oh that you did fo ! you cannot but be confcious to your felves, that oftentimes when youhave been in company your hearts havebeen put out of tune and frame, that you have beenno way fir for payer ; when you /A-- come home your houfe and family finds it fo ? You that take fuch delight in company, and fitting up late,I appeal to your confciences, whether you can come home and findyour felves fit either in your family, or clofet togo 8( open your hearts to God. This is one Noteby the way whereby you may come to know - whether you havebeen immoderate incompany at any cime;God gives not men liberty to bebufie in any outward accafions fo as to unfit them for his Service. Preparation confifts thac,inwatch- ing over your hearts, that yoti may not be unfitted for any holy duty when Godcalls you to it, but that you may be ready even co every good work. TheFifth Note is this, 'reparation confifis in the readineffof thefaculties of tbe Soul,and thegraces ofthe Spirit ofgodpre-- fairly to auupon thelettingupon anholy 'Duty: When,aman or woman fhanfindthefaculties of their thegraces that are inthem -tobe ready toad affoon as ever they fal upon duties la as ou fee a com can of Riners when they-havemade all preparation or the ratting oftheBells, then in an inftanc When they begiato pul allthe Bels go in that tune-- that according to theirskil they fec them in. And fo it fliould be with our hearts the.facultiespfour Fouls acid 'graces,thoughnowWe are nOffipon yetwefhould be .fo ready, that a s.it were upon a pul, the faculties of our fouls, and .theAof GodS Spirit fhouldir' -work iua melodiousway; There are thole that keep their hearts foprepared, as at shevery firft moment that they fec about the duty ofWorfhip,all facultiesandgracesbegin to tetaktflir areworking' towards afire when allthemad& iiteady laid, prefently it comes to.be kindled and flameout - ; - and thus it fhouldbewith our. hearts : -So that; ow you fee wherein " pre ,ration of our hearts toDuty confifts; The:nextthing is012e(Excelleney of:this frrezwation:k that F 2 may