Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to god in Worihip. 65 Hypocrite in theworld, and one that hath true Grace, yea, that bath but the leaft degree of grace : The molt glorious Hypo- crite inthe world, who ( ic may be) for the outward ad cloth more thanone that hath true grace, yet fuch a one doth limit himfelf : he doth great things, but he doth is fo, as he limits himfelf, that is, fo much as may ferve for fuch and fuch ends of his, fomuch as may ferve his turn, either to fatisfie his Confci- ence, or to get credit and efteem, to be accounted eminent in fuch a way, fo much he doth do, but his duty is alwaies limi- ted within fuchbounds ; and if he could conceive that he might go to Heaven, and that he might have as much Credit andHonor, and as much peace of Confcience with doing left, he would do lets. But now, one that hath grace, thoughbut little, though but the leaft dram of Grace, he goes further, In- deed faith he, Though through the littlegrace chat I have, I cannot do what another can do ; yet this doth fo enlarge my heart, that I would have no bounds fet inwhat I do for God, but I would have it enlarged to the uttermoft latitude, if it were poflible, beyond whatever yet was done for God in the world ; and themore I do, the more I do defire to do. That's now a kind of infinitenefs that there is in the heart where grace comes : I fay, Grace enlarges the heartto a kind ofInfinitenefs, that the more it doth, the more it would do : there is no Hypocrite but will have his periods, he wil rife thus, and thus, and thus high ; ordinarily youfhall findthat if he lives in fame company, there he is high; but ifhe lives in other company, there be is lower Now there is nothing doth limit a gracious hearr, but to all E- ternity it-would work and work more and more for God : Here now is a Worfhip that is fome way futable to the infinite Ex- cellency that there is in God : Here's a kind of proportion ( as Imay tofpeak) evenbetween the Creature and God himfelf in this thing, but it is the grace of God in:the Creature ; here is the Image of God indeed, becaufe grace doth foenlarge the heart even to an infinitnefs ( as it were)for God. And thusyou fee in the general what it is. to fantifie Gods Name, to tender up to. God that which is fome way futable to the glory of the infinite God. 2. Youknow there was a Second thing, viz. That then I do H Sanaifie