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66 The right manner ofdeal ingnigh fan&ifie Gods Name when I come fo to Worfhip God as my heart works, and follows after God as a God, fo as it clothbe- feern the foul of a Creature to follow the infinite Creator, and to work after the infinite Creator : SoVavid in (13 fal. 6 3 . S.gy foulfollowed, hard after thee, 0 Clod, and (mark it's a very fweet Scripzure ) thy right hand upboldeth me. Thofe whole hearts follow hard after the Lotd, they have the right hand of God upholding of them : It's a mighty encouragement to put forth theheart to the uttermoit, becaufe when thoudoeft fo,rhe right hand of God upholds thee : fo that thy heart muff follow after God more than it followedafter any creature. 3. When I come to draw nigh to God, I come to prefent my felffor the Communication of the choiceft ofHis Mercies,fo then I fanetifie Gods Name when I labor to prepare and open my heart for God as for the choiceft Mercies that God bath to beftow up. on His Creature. When there is fuch a temper of heart that my Confcience Eels me it is futable to that that is fit for a Soul to have that expeas to receive the choyceft Mercies fromGod ; but chat we fpake to more in the openingof our drawing nigh to God. Now we are to come more particularly to this, To open the Sala"tifying gods name. Firft , In what Particulars the behavior of the heart may be dilcovered to be futable CO God in rafpett of Gods Greatnefs and Glory. Secondly, What the behavior of the heart fhould be as futable to the feveral Attributes of God. It will colt us fome time to open the particular things in the behavior of the heart as in reference to the Creamers and Majesty of God : confidered more generally, as in Tfal. 48. 1. great is the Lord, andgreatly to bepraifed. And fo in Wa/.1.144. Cu rfed is the deceiver which bath inhis flock a male and voiveth and facrificeth unto the Lord acorrupt thing : Why ? for I am a great %Pig faith the Lord , and therefore curled is he that cloth not offer a lacrifice futable to my greatnefs. And in 2 Chron. 2.5., we find that Solomon when he was preparing for the Temple, he wouldbuild a great Temple, Why Becaufe God was a great God that he would build it to : So that the Worfhip of God mutt be onae great thing, becaufe theLord is a great God,; and it mufti;. he_;