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to God in VCTorthip. 67 be fuitable to his greatnefs. Now if you ask me in what par- ticulars cloth the behavior of the Soul confift that is very futable to the greatnefs of God in thegeneral ? There are many things in this The Firil is, Youmuff be careful tobring a fana ified heart. You cannot tender up a worthip Livable to his greatnefs except you bring a fantlified heart with you, there muff be holinels the heart. Under theLaw you know, if any one came to offer a Sacrifice in his Uncleannefs, hemutt be cue off: And fo it mar be here, we mutt look wit that we offer not to God in our Un- cleannefs : Wttfbyou andmakeyouclean, in Ifaiab I. and then, Come, let is reafon together. There is no coming to God with- out wafhing andmaking clean ; in Tral.93.5. rHolinefi beconteth thy Tioufe 0 Lordfor ever : Holmes becometh the pretence of God for ever, wemuft look to get a fanttified heart: Sandi,- fication confiffs in thefe two parts ; Wortipcation, and Vivifi- cation There muff be a mortifying of the lufts of the heart We reade in the Law, that every Sacrifice was to be fatted with fait ; that did lignifie the mortification of our hearts when we come to offer up our feles as a Sacrifice to God ; the fait dideat out the raw humors, and kept the flefh from putrifying; fodoth the graceof God in mortifying our lufts. In lleb. 9, 1+. youhave a notableScripture for the clenfin of our hearts when we come too a any ervice to o , orr) muc morijrallico 'Blood o ri w o through the eternal Spirit offered himfelf without 'spot to god,purgeyour Confciencei from dead workr to firm the livinggod ? So that you cannot terve the living God until your Confciences bepurged from dead works : And how comes your Confciences to be purged from dead works ? It is through the bloodof Chrift, who through theeternal Spirit offem redbimfelfwithout dot to god, hemutt purge yourconfciences; So that here's the way of fanttifying Gpds Nameby applying a jefusChrift who was offered toGod without fpot that our con- fciences might be purged from deadworks, that we might bepur- ged from that Natural filthinefs and uncleannefs in which we all were ; for the whol World doth lie in filth, as a carrion cloth lie in hisflime. Now if we would worfhip God fo as toSan- etific him, we mat apply thrift toour 56111S) and get our Con- H 2 Icierices