Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

68 II The right manner ofdrawing nigh fcience purged from dead works, and to have the Spirit of Chrift in ut to quicken upour hearts in the waiesof holinefs ; tohave the Imageof Jefus Chrift in us, whereby we may be holy accor- ding to our proportion even as he himfelf is holy, this is the fanaifyingofthe heart ; Theremuff be an habitual fanaifica. Lion, and attual fanaification of the heart : AnHabitual, that is, Ehat the heart muff be changed through the work of Reg& neration ; there mut__ Jta_e_a jegeneration in the heart, there muff be Divine Principles ofthe Graces of the Spirit of God the heart. But you, will fay, May not an, unregenerate man Pray ?: To that I anfwer ; It is true, it is his duty topray, ellovor forth. thy ravath upon' the rileathen,andupon thefamilia th4tcall notupon thy %vile: But it'sas true, that theycannot fantifieGods Name in doing of it : But if we would fanaifie Gods Name in k, theremuftbe an Habitual holinefs in the heart, for every thing cloth at ac- cordingto its jnciles in Nature it is fo ; and fo cloth the heart when it comes toworfhip God, itdoth aaaccording to the Principles that it bath. And then there muff not only be Habitual fanaification, but. Actual fanaification likewife ; as in Exod. 19. z.0. x 1. there you feewhat ado therewas to fit them for thehearing of the Law becaufe god tvas tocome among them : God is to come amongus, andwe areto come to God when we are to performholy du-- ties; therefore it is not enough to have Grace, but there mutt bean improving of Grace, theremuff be an acingof Grace, not onlywhen you come to receive the Sacrament, to think that then theremuff be an aaing ofGrace, but every time you pray and hear, there muff be an acting of Grace ; A purging out of yourcorruptions and anacing of Grace.. So that one cannot fanaifie Gods Name in hol duties unlefs he come thus far to be-a' e to fa or t ou t At noweit all thin s knoweit,. ere is nothin that thou doeft reveal to be contrary to thy ; Will, but m heart is again at's t Omit thou, caulk' not: aver peace o conitience irrawin ni h to God until thousoinetbus faro, tobave-thy, beam toworitthw again ins, and