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to and to be fet u on ever nowwhen aman of ea o it there is not thin s as c can and tite any ining as poflible can fhoul when thoucornett to God. ---7AnaThireirjr-i why there must be this fanaifying of the heart is s Firit, Becaufe the Lord dothaft accept of the Perronbefore he doth accept of the aaion : Men indeed do accept of the per- fons of men, becaufe they do good adions ; but God accepts ofthe aCtions ofmen becaufe their perfons are good. If indeed we fee aman do good, then we love him and accept of the per- fonof the man, but God firft will accept ofthe perfon before' the action As theLord acceptedof .Abel firft, and thenbe ac- re ted his offerin : So you muff looke to that, tohave your perfons fir accepted of God before any duty can be accepted : you think though you be wicked and finful, yet ifyou amend your life, God will accept ofyou, you go that way towork ; but cercinlay that is the wrong way ; you mutt firft look after meanes of acceptation of your perfons which is through the Righteoufnefs of Jefus Chrift, and through the Sanaification of his Spirit,whereby you come tohave his Image,andLife, and, foare accepted, and then all that proceeds fromyou comes to be accepted. There is not any a/lion which comes fromyou that comes to be accepted to eternal life, until your perfons be' accepted beforeGod, and therefore there mutt be a fanaifying' of theheart before there can be a fanCtifying the Name of Gott in the duties of hisWorfhip : Therefore when youcome toper- form any duties ofgods Worfhip, you fhould confider this,. Is myheart Sanaified ? I muff Sanaifie godsName"and how can I do that, except my heart be fanaified ? Secondly,Our hearts mutt be fanaifiecilbecaufe the Lorddoa lookmore to the principle from whence a thing comes, than, at the thing it felt. As indeed were our hearts right as they thould, then all the good things that come to us,, we would= not fo much regard what the things are, that we do enjoy fronal Cod ;. as what the principle is from whence they come,, that iss, Whether win; we do enjoy, from god is fromethe' love of god,. odin Worfhip. ood that God reveals to be his mind. uality comes to your houfe what a in ma ingalt e Thusit You on II wee in