Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

70 The right manner ofdramins nigh God in Jefus Chrift or no ? Whether it be from the general Bounty and Patience ofGod, or from the fpecial love of God in Jefus Chrift ? Our hearts would regard that molt if wewere fpirituan now then, look as a godly man is net fatisfied with enjoying any good thing from God, except he knows it comes from a principle of love to him in Jefus Chrift ; So Gad is not pleafed with any thing:that comes from us, except heknows that it comes from a principle ofLove, Grace, and Holinefs in our hearts. Thirdly, According as the heart is, fo will the fervice be ; Certainly ifthe heart be unelean,the duty will be unclean ; per- haps the words may be fine andbrave, but if there bean unclean heart, the dutywill be unclean ; As it is with a man that bath thePlague, fuppofehe makes a brave Oration, yet his breath is infectious ; fo it is in our fervices with God : If fo be that our hearts within us have the Plague, then certainly the breath that comes from us, all our duties will beunclean, and therefore that is the firft thing that we are to look for in the fandifying Gods Name inholy duties : Look d to have thyheart (atilt ifie,_ and confider fromwhat rinci le it comes ;: ds for want ofthis that thou as s o our uties are cart aide and God-never Both re. gird than : But this-is the firit Particular, there are many more to fpeak of. SEE.