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The rare Jewet of Chrifti.sn Gontentment. fo;e the L~rd, the~ a C etture worl11ips God, doth tender up - thanvortbtp that tS dLte to God. Now in what difpofition of hem dowe tbus crouch to God more, than when we have this Contentation in· all conditions that God difpofeth us unto r _This is a crou·chulg unto Gcds difpofe, to be Ii!ie the poor V!loman ot Cr~1111ttn1 when C~rifi faidJ it is not fino give Children~ _ Me-at to Dog~ , but (faith l11e) the Dogs have crums. I am a Dog, 1 contefl'e, 1, b ~u let me have a crnm, And fo when the foul tball be in fuch a difpofition as to lie dmvn and fay, Lord, l am bttt as a Dog, yet let me have acmm, then doth it high.; :1y honour God. It may be fome of you have not yo:tr Table fpread as others have, but God gtves you crums • now faith the ._poor Woman} dogs have crums, and when yo~ can find your heartS thus rubjetting unto God, to be but as a do~, and can he contented and bleffe God for any crum, I fay, this is a great ~vorfhip of God, youwor!hip-God by this more than vvhen you come to hear a Sermon,or fpend half an hour or an hour in prayer, or when you come to receive a Sacrament; Thefe are the ACls of Gods Wor.thip; I, bnt thefe are but external Aets of \li/orfhip, to Hear,and Pray, and receive S1craments: But now this is the foul~worChip, to fubjeet it felf thus to God. You that ofren will worfhip God by Hearing, and Praying, and recei- 'Vi ng Sacraments, and yet afterwards will be froward ancl difcontented, know, that God regards not that worlhip,-he will have the foul~worl11ip in this fubjeeting of the foul ·to God. Obferve it I befeech you; in active Obedience, there we wor!hip God by doing that that pleafes God, but by paffive Obedience we do as well worlhip God by being pleafed with that whida God doth, Now when I perform a duty; I worfhip God, I do what pleafes God: why thould I not as well worlbip God when I am pleafed with what God doth l As it was faid of Chrifls Obedience, Chrifl: was active in his paffive Obedience, ,and paffive in his aetive Obedience: So the Saints they are paf- ,five in their attiveObedience ; they are firfl paffive in their reception ofGrace, and then aCl:ive: And vvhen they come to paf- .five Obedience, they are aetive, they put forth Grace in a6tive ,obedience, when they perform a6tions to God, then faith the -soul, Oh! that 1 could do that ,that pleafes God, when they .come_