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The rare Jewel ofCbriftian Contentment. le 3 come to fuffer any crofs, Oh! that what God cloth, might plealt! me: I labor to do what plea(es God, and I labour that what God doch, fhall pleafe me; here's a Chriflian indeed, that 1ball endeavour both thefe :. novv this is but one fide of a Chrifiian, to endeavour to do what pleafes God, but you mufl: as well endeavour to be pleafed with what God cloth, and [o you !hal l' come to be a compleat Chrifhan when you can do both. A r:d that'nhe firflthing in the excellency of this Grace of Content -- ment. · The fecond ,thing in opening of this Excellency of Contentment is, ThAt in Contentment there i; rnuch Exercife of Grace, There is much firength of Grace, yea, there is much beauty of G(ace in Contentment, there is mtJch Exerclfe of Grace , firength ofGrace, and beauty of Grace, I put all thefe together. I ·. Mnch Exercife of Grace, There is a compofition of Grace in Contentment, there is F.1ith, and there is Humility, and Love; and there is Patience, and there is Wifdome, and · there is Hope,all Graces alr11ofi are compoundcd,it's an oyl thac harh che ingredients of all kind of Graces, and therefore thcugh you cannot fee tbe particular Grace, yet in th is oyl you have 11: all; God fees the Graces of his Spir.it esercifed in a fpec ial manner, and chispleafes God at the heart to fee che Graces of his Spirit exercifed. In fome one acHon that you do, you may exercife fome one Grace eCpecially ; but now in Contentmem, you exercife a great many Graces at or.ce. z. There is a great deal of flrength of Gr11ce in Contentment. It argues a great deal of fhength in the bcdy ,the body to be able to endure bard weather, aod whatfoever falls our, ar.d yet oot ·to be much altcretl by it; fo it argues flrengtb of Grace to be content; You that complain of weakneffe of memory, and weakneffe of parts, you cannot do what others do in other things1 bnt have you this gratious Heart•comentmeot, that bath been , opened to you? I know tlat you have attained to Hrength ofGrace in this, when it is fo fpiritual as bath been. opened to you in tlle explication of this point. A's it is with a mans"' brain, if aman be diflempered in his body, and hath many obfl<ruetions in his:body, .bath an il-l fio,Fmch, and his fp!ee n - and::