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l o4 'The rare. Jewel of cbrijiian Co~Jtentment ~ -- · and live;~b!lrutted, and yet for all this his brain is r.ot diflempered, it is an argumenr of a great flrer.gtb of brain, and chou.aft there be many ill fumes that rife from.hts corrup t ficmach, {er fiill his brain is not diHempe.red, bur. he. conti nues in the free exercife of the ufe of his rea on and underHandi ng ; every one may u:1derfland thattbis man bath a very fhoog brain, that fuc:b thingg iliall .not diftemper him, whereas other people that hav.e ~ IV.eak br~in, if they do not digefi but one meals meat, the tumes that do arife fr orri their ftomac_hs,do dtftemper thei~ brain, and make them unfit for every. thing, vvbereas you 11ull have others :that have fhong heads, and !hong brains, though thdr flomachs be ill, that they do not digefi meat, yet 11ill they have the free ufe of their brain, this argues ftrengrh: · So it is in a mans fpirit, you lbaU have many that have weak fpirits, and if they have any ill fumes,if accidents befall thc:_m, you J11all pre- . fently have them out of temper, but you lhall have ?ther men, . that though things do fume up, yet !hll they keep m a lleady way, and have the ufe of reafon wd of other graces> and pcffefs their fouls with patience. As I remember it's reported o£ the Eag!e, it's not like other Fo'IVIs, other ·,fowls when they are hungry, make a noife, but the Eagle is never heard to make a noife, though it vvants food., and its from the magnitude of his fpirit that will not make fucb complaints as other-Fowls will do when they want food, it is becaufe it is above hunger, and above thir11 : So it is an argument of a gratioliiS magnitude of fpirit, that whatfoever befillls it, yet it is not alwaies whining and complaining fo as others are, but goes on Hili in its rvay and courfe, and bleffes God,& keeps in a Fonflant tenour whatfoever th ings befall it: fuch things as caufes others to be dejeCted, ;md fretted and vexed, and takes a~vay all the comfort of tbeir lives, it makes no alteration at all in tpe fpirits of thefe men aod women, I fay this is a fign of a great deal of tlrength of Giace. I 3. Jt'uJfo an arnft!mcnt of a grtat deal of buHJty of G1·4_ce ; - It's a fpeecb that Se~eca a Heathen· onGe had, f:tith he,vvhen you. .g® abroad int o groves and woods: and there yoy fee the taUndfe of the trees, and thei r !hado·IVs, it (hikes a kind of a~v ful fear of .a, Deity in you,and when you fee the van Rivets and .Fountains, and