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and deep waters tha[ !hikes a kind of a fear of God lin ycu, buf( faith he) do you fee a man that is quiet in tempeHs, and tbat- Li~es happily in the midH of adverfities, why do not you wortR\p that man? He doth thinl< him a man e·ven to be bono..' t:ed, that {hall be quiet, and live a happy life,thongh in the mid.:. deft of adverfities. The Glory of God appears here more tba.n in any of his Works? there is no Works thH God bath made)the Sun,Moon,and Stars,and all the World, wherein fo much oft~e Glory of God doth appear, as in a man that lives quietly in the midfl: of adverfity. That was that thH convinced tbe King,when he faw the three children could ~valk in the midll of the fierf furnace, and not be touched, the King was mightily convinced by this~ that furely their God was a great God inrieed, and that they \V ere highly beloved of their God, that could walk in the midft of the furnace, and not be touch'd, wrereas the others th1l: came btlt to the mouth of the furnace were devoured : ro when a ChriHian cattwalk in the midH of fiery trials, and not his garments finged, but have comfort and joy in the midfi: of all ( u Pa-ul in the flocks) can fiog, (that wrought upon the Gaoler: ) fo it will convince men when they fee the po1ver of Grace in the midfl of affiietions, fuch affii6hons as \Vould make others to roar ·under them, yet they can behave themfelve.; in a gratious and holy manner; Oh! it's the glory, Qf a Chritlian. It iir that that is faid to be the glory of Chrill, ( for fo by Interpre~ ters it is thought to be meant of Chrifi ) In Mic ab, 5, 5. And this man (the text faith) jha/1 be the pe~ta, when the AJTyrian jh11!1 'orHe into onr Land, ·and when he Jhall tread in our Paiaas. This man lhlll be the peace when the ~ffyrian lhall come into our Land ; for one to be in peace when there is no Enemies, it is no great matter,bur,faith the text,when theAffyrian 1hall come into our Land, theQthis man lhall be the peace, that is,whcn all fhall be in an hubbub and uproar, yet then this man {hall be peace: That's the trial of Grace, when you find Jefus Chri!t in your hearts to be peace, when the Affyrian {hall come into the .Land. You may think you find peace in ChriH, when you have no outward troubles; but is Chrifl your peace vvhen the Affyrian cog1es into the L~nd, when ~n En~mie comes f Suppofe you fee an Enemie mwcbing againA: yol.l to plunder you, wbat ,Q woulcl I"