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106 7h~ rart Jew~l of Chrifti!0 Contentmern. would be your. peace ? J efus Chrift would be peace to the foul ~ , when the enem1e comes: That whicb is fa id of Chrill,may be applied to this'grace of Contentment, when the Aj[yrian, the Plunderers, the Enemies, when any affliction, trouble, d1fhefs, doth befall fuch a heart, then this grace of Contentment brings pelce to the foul ; at that time brings peace to the foul, when the A/fyrian comes into the Land. The grace of Contentment, it's an excellent grace, therc·s much beauty, much fhengch in it ; there is a great deal of worth in this grace, and therefore: be in love with it . -The third thing in the Excellency of Contentment, is th is ; By Conwitment the foul is fitted t!J receive mercy, .tnd.to dofervi,e. ru put thefe tYYO together, Contentment makes the foul. fit to receive mercy, and to do fervice; no man or \Voman in the wqrld is fo fie for to receive the grace of God, and to do the· tvork of God, as thofe that have contented fpirits. 1. Tho[t are ftaul to receive mercy from the Lord, tbilt An 1ontented ; as now, If you would have ·a veffcl to take in any liq.. wr, you mull hold the _veffelllill, if tbe veffel !Hr ,and ihake up · Gnd down, you cannot pour in any thing; but you will bid, hold ftill, that you may pour it in, and not lofe any: So, if we would be the vdfels to receive Gods mercy, aed would have the Lord pour in bis mercy to us, we mull have quiet, fiill beans, we muft 11ot have hearts hurrying up and dOI'vn .in troub~, difcontenr, andv.exing, but we mufi have flill ~nd q?id ~earts, if ~ve would receive mtrcy. from the Lord:. It ach1ld tlmgs and throws up and, down for a thing, you will not giTe it him then when he cries fo, but firfl you will have the child quiet;. though pethaps you. do intend the child (hall have the thing he crie9 fer, out you will not giTe it bim till he is quie_t, and_com-es- and llan~s ~iU before you, and: is contented Without tt, and then you ~111 gnj:e· it him : And trul.yfo doth tha tord deal ~ith us, (for ~ur deal:. in&s with him are juft as your froward Cb1ldren are Wtth you) as faon as you would have a thino from God, if you hne it nor, .you ar1 difquic!cd prefentLy, and~ll in an uproat (as iHvere) .m