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The rare JnPtl of chrijli&ll Contentment. 1 b7 .jn your fpirits: God intends mercy to you, but faith God, yott 1 _ / ,:{ball not have it yet, I will fee you quiet firfl, and then in the ~ ·qnietne{fe of your hearts, come to me and fee whu ~ will do with you. I appeal to you, you that are any waies acquainted with the waies·of God, Have you not found this to be the way of God to"ards you, when you ha'(e been troubled for want perhaps of Come fpititual comfort, and 'yoar hearts were vex'd at it, you get nctbing from God all this while; but now, if you have got your heart into aquiet ftame, and can [3y, Well, u's fit the Lord ihould do with us poor Creatures what he \VJIJ, I am under his feet, and am refolv'd to do what I can to honour him; and let him do with me what he will, I will feek him u Jor.g as I live, I will be content with what God gives, and \Ytether be gives or no, I wifl be content; yea,are you in this frame, faith God ! now you fiull hne comfort, now I will give yo11 the mercy. A prifoner mull not think to get off his fetters by pulling and tearing, he may gall his flelh, and rend it to the very bone, certainly he will be unfettered never the fooner, but if he ,woutd have his fetters taken off, he mull quietly give qp . himfelf to fome man to take them off. If a beggar after he bath knock'd once or twice at the dGor, and you come not,and thereupon he is vex'd and troubled, and thinks much that you let him fiand a little while-without any thing, you think thu this begg~r is not fit to receive an alms; but if you hear. two or three beggars at your door, and if y9u bear them out at your window fay, Let us be content to flay, perhaps they are bufie, it is fit that w,e {hould flay, it"s well if we have any thing.at lafi, we deferve nothing at all, and therefore we may well wait a while , you would then quickly fend them an alms: So God deals with tbe heart, when it is in a difquiet way, then God doth not give; but when the heart lies down quietly under God's hand, then is the heart in a fit frame to receive mercy: rour flrengt.h jbAil be, to fit {fill, faith God; you thall not be delivered from Babylor~, but by your fitting fiill. . l. As fit to'-receive mercy, fo fit to do fervice ; Oh ! the quiet fruits of Righteoufneffe, the peaceable fruits of RighteOufnefs; they indeed do profper and multiply moll when they come to ee tlle peaceable fruits of Righteoufnefs.~s the Philofophers fay , Q..~ "- of