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~nd even in this very parricular the plague is begun, and thi3 very judgment it doth come many times upon murmuring, upon thofe that ar.e fo difcontented in their families, and are alwaie~> grumbling ar.d murmuring. at any thing that falls out amiJs, I fay this text of Scripture in Nsnnbers doth cleeriy hold fortk this, That The -Lord brings the Plague upon men for this fin of murmuring;'he cloth it i·n Kingdoms and families, and upon patticular perfons. Though we cannot ahvaies point out ti'!e particular fin that God brings this fo:-, yet this f11ould be examined ho1v far we are guilty of this fin of murmuring; becaufe the Scripture holds forth this fo cleedy, thac Mofu when he did but he:tr tha-t they murmured, Do they murmur (faith he) Go forth quick! y, arid feek to pacifie the anger -of God, For wrAth iJ gone tJHt anJ the plague is begun. And I. Cor~ I o, I o. there you have a notable example of Gods ~eavy difpleafme again!l murmuring, Neither rmmn11r )t 111 form of thnn a!f• murmNred and were Jeflroyed of the deftroytr. take heed of murmuring as fo~e of them did, (he fpeaks of the people of I[rMI in the wtldernefs) but faith he, what cameo(it? The_v 1:tere Jeflroyed of the deftro)tr. Nol'l the dellroyer is thought to be the fiery Serpents that were fent am0ng them : They murmured, and God fent fiery Serpents.to fling them. What do you think rbat fuch a crofs and affii6lion cloth !ling you? per· baps fnch an affiietion is upon you, and it feems to be grievous for the prefent, What ? _do you murmur and repine? God bath greater croffes to bring npon you : Thofe people that ) murmur for the want of outward comforts, for want of water, (fometimes) and for the want of bread, they murmur, but the Lord fends fi·ery ferpents among them. I may fay to a murmu· ring heart, Wo to thu 1hat ftriveft with ·thy Mak_er : wo to that man, that vvoman that llrives again!l their m1ker : \Vhat do efi thou elfe,but !hive ~gainfi thy Maker! Thy Maker hath the abfolute difpofe of thee, and ~vil t thou firi ve againfl thy maker? ; What doth this murmuring difcontented heart of thine do otherwife but wran2Ie and contend and llrive even with God him- · felf l Oh wo to him tbat flrives agairltt his Maker; I may furtbei · fay to tbec,asGod fpeaks toJob.Job,,. 8, r ,2 ,vvhenJob was impaX ti~nt