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146 The rare Jerul of chrif!ian Conteinmenr. tienr, Now God fpak.,e (faith the text) f!Ut of rbe whirlewiMI,~nd [11id, who is tbiJ rhat d~rkmeth coHn{e.l by words without k_nowJrdg ? So dolt,thou fpeak ,againH GtJds IVaies, and his providences that bath fallen out concerning thy eltate and outward comforts? who is this; who i1 tbiJ thM .dar~wetb &oPJn{61 by w6rdJ without k_nowledg? Where's that man ru woman I'Vhofe hems are fo bold and Impudent, as dare fpeak againH the admi- ·ni!tr acion of Gods providence. The Tenth evil of murmuring and difc~ntent is thi-s, rh ere's tt gre .tt curfe of God upon it, (o far aJ it doth prev.til in one th.tt i n~ i{~ed, itbAtbthecNr[eofGo_dupon it. ·, inP[11I. 50. 15. feeth~rewhatthecurfeofGodisupon wicked and ungodly men, Let the,.; wuider I¥P and dqwn for mea& dnd grNdg if they be not [~~tisfied. Th.1t is the imprecation and curfe upoowic.ked ' and ungodly men, that if thej be not fatisfied they fhall grudg; when thou art not facisfied in thy defires and , findeH thy heart · grudging againH God, apply thisScripmre, What, is th~ curfe of the wicked upon me '1 This is the curfe that is tbre.ltned upon · wicked and ungodJ y ones, That they iball ~rudge if they b.e not fatisfied And in Deut. 2 8. 67. There its tbreatned as a curfe of G:)d upon men, that they cannot be content with their prefent condition, BPJt they fh41/ (11y in the morning wor;/d Qod it were even, ~tnd at eve10 wDuld God it were morning ; and fo they lie toffing up and dow.1 and canot-be contenr witll any condition that they are in,becaufe of the fore affiicHons tha-t ·be upon them ; and therefore it is further threatned as a·curfe upon · them, in the 34· verfe, That they fhqVJJd be mad for the fight of their tys which ' they fhoJtld fee : This ig but the extremitJ__of their difconten- · tednofs; that is, They lhall be fo d1fconrented, as they lhall be even mad, Many men and women in difcontented moods are mad kind o( people, and though you may pleafe your fefves in fll'Ch a mad kind of behavior, yet know, that it is acurfe of God upvn men to be given up to a I<it;~d of madners for evils that they - fuppofe are upon them, and rh at they fear. in the 47. verfe. there is a notable expreffion for to lhevv the curfe of G0d upon murmuring heartS ; the Lord threaming the 'urfes that ihall be ·· upo~