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1 he r~Srt Jewel or Cbriftian Contentment 141 upon them, (fauh he) verfe 45. ·").6. and 47: The. curfe /hill( pHrfue thu, ~tnd they fh~ll be upon thee for a jign, and for a ~on- ' tier, and npon thy fud for ever: BuAN[e thou fervedft not the lord • thy God with joyfulnt{s and ~ith gl4dnef~ of hum for the .tbNn• dance of all things. God here threatens to hring his curfe fo upon them, as to make the'm a wonder a'nd align to others,why, hmtu{e they have not [w11ed the Lord with joyfu!ne[s Bf hellrt, · (that may be added to that of the wrath ofGod upon men, therefore God would bring fuch a cnrfe upon them as ~vould m;~ke them a wonder to all that were about them. Oh how far art thon then t-hat hall a murmuring heart, from ferving the Lord with joyfulnefs ? The Eleventh Evil of difcontent and murmuring is this,Ther' is mNch of the fpirit of Satan in a murmHring [pirit. The Devil is the molt difcontented creature that is in the world; He is the proudeft creature that is· and the difcontentedll creature, and the mcfl dejetted crearur~. Now therefore fo mncb difcontentment as thou ba!l,fo much oftbe(fpiritof Satan thou fiafl; It was the unclean fpirit that went up and doiVn and found no refl; fo w.hen a man or womans fpmt bath t'W reft, it is .align that it bath much of the unclean fpirit, of the fpirit of Satan.and thou tho).lldett think this vvith thy felf, Oh Lord whlt have I the fpirit of'Satan upon me? It is Smo th.1t is the mofl difcontented fpirit that is, and Oh! how much of his fpirit have I llpon me that can find no refl at all? • Twelf(hly, Murmuring and diicontent bath this evil m 1t, ·There is aN ab}o!Hte nerelfity, that thou jhofiJ!d/l hiive difqt~iet a// the d~ties of thy life. As 1f a man that is in a great croud lhould complain that other folks touch him. While we are in this ~orld God bath [Qordeted things, that affiietions mutt befall us; and if IVe will complain and be difcontented upon every crofs arJd affiiCl:ioo, we mull complain,and be d1fcontent all the 'daies ofour lives, Yea, God in jufi judgment will Jet things fail out on porpore to vex thofe that have vexing fpirits, and difcontented hearts, and therefore there is a neceffi~y that they lhould hve • ~ X z difquiet