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140 7/u r~trt Jtwti ofCbriftillll Contentment ·difquiet all their daies : and men will .not much care to di/; quiet tbofe that are contmually murmurmg, Oh they will have difquiet _all their daies. ,La£Hy, Tb~re's this dreadful evil in difcontent and murmuring, God may juft/y withdrarP his CIIU of you, 11nd hi.t proteefign over yo11,juing God cdnnot plea{e you in his adminif/ratiiHS. We ufe ro {a.y (o todifcontented fecvants; Nay, if you be not pleafed mend your felv~s when you will, If you have a fervant n~t content with his diet, and wages, and work, ycu fay, mend your felves. · $;)may Gpd j~ltlf fay to us, w~ chat profefs our felves ferv~nts to him, to be m h1s I'VOrk and yet are difcontented with this thirg o~ thatin Gods family, God might jufily fay, Mend your felves, What if Go'd l11ou!d fay to any of you if my care over y<;u do not pieafe you, than take care of you; feives, ifmy protection over you wtl not pleafe you, then !2-tOtect your felves : Now all things tbat do befal you, befaii you through a pro•idence ofGod, and if you be thofe that belong to _ God there is a prorechon of God over you, and a care of God, New if God lhould fay, Well, you !hall not -have the benefit of my protection 2ny longer, and I l'lill take 'tt'o futther care of you: would not this be a .mofl dreadfull judgment of G+:ld from Heaven upon you? Take heed what you do thenit1 bein; difcontent wich Gods will towards you, and iad~~d upon difcontent this may befall you. And this is the reafon why many people through Gods proteCtion h~tt~ been very gratious over them for a time, and they have tbnven abundantly, Jet 2ftenvards almo11 all that behold them may fay, that they Jive as if God bath call off his care over them, and as if God did not care what befell fhem. NoYV then my brethren, pu t :lll tbefe together, all that we were fpeaking of the Iafi day, anti thefe pmicL1lars that have been added now this morning for the ferttng 0ut of a murmuring and difcontented fpirit; Oh what • an ugly face bath this fin of Murmuring , and Difcontentednefs? .Oh what caufe is there that vve Jhould lay our bands upon onr hcrms, and go away_and be humbled before the L.ord beca11fe for this 1 Whereas your thought• were wont to be exercifed