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. The r~rt Jtwd _if C~riftian C~ntent~~nr. I 4 I cxercifed about providing for your felves, and · gettmg more ~omforts to your felTes, Jet , the flream ()[ your t~tlugbts now be turned to bumble yonr felves for your difcomentednef~, Oh that you may have your hearts break before God, for' otherwife you llull fall to it aga!n, ,Oh the·VHetchednefs "of mans heart-! You will find in Scripmre concerning the people of 1frAel,how ftrangly they fdl ro their murmuring again and again; do but obferve three texts of Scripture, for that, the firft ID the I 5. of Exod; , at the beginning there you ilull have M~J/es and the ColJgregation finging to God and blef'fing God fer his mercy, Thtn frmg Mofes 4rul the cbildretJ of Ifrael this f{}»g unto the Lord, 4nft {plf~e f.iying, I will fing unto the Lord, for he bAth triumphed gloriOHjly, tf;dorfe and his rider bath he thra1!n into the Sea. And then, Tbt Lprti is my ftrength And {ong, And he is be"rm rny falv~ttipn~ he iJ my pod ~nd" J wilt prepare him 1m hAbitAtion, my F-4tbtrrGoJ; A~d'i "ffill exalt him; and fo he goes on, Aniwho is lik.e vnto thn 0 L ord Among(J tht G~Js? Who is li~e thee .(loriMs ;, holinefs,fearjHI in pr11i{es, Joint. wonders? Thu$ their hearts triumphed in God : lut marl<! be fore the Chapter is ended in 1he 2 3, verfe, when they cO-f/Je to Marah ( in the fame Chapter)they CSH/d not drink. gf :be wAttrs of Marab,fcr they were bitt,a, therefore the 1u<me of it r~as c.,alled Marab, antl ~he people rnurrmn:ed Againfl M()fes~ After fo great a mercy as this was, what umhankfalnefs vvas there here in their murmuring! Then.God gne them water, but in the very-next C.hapte-r they fell to their murmuring, you read :nofthat they were humbled for their former mar mu ring, and. "ther~fore they murmur again E.'rod. r6., -I, &c. All the ~ongreg11tl"on of the Children of Ifrael came to 't he 1l!ilJmu{s of gin, &c. And the whole Congrt• , t..ttion (in the feccnd \'erfe) ,; the C hildnn of Hrael rn~trmurtJ. ~tg4infi Mofes .tnd againft Aaron in tht :~rilderne/s. an/. th( chiltlrm oflfrael fa id UHto t.hew, -.,auM to rJo!l11e had diuJ by rhe ·hand of .the Lord in tht l~tnd ofJ!i,ypt"/ahtiJ ~e (at by th.e fle{hptts c!i 11hen "He did' tat kread ti thefuMIOW' £hey waht flefh,d1eyvvanted water before,but no~v they want meat they fell to mu'rmuring .again,tl:icy vvere not bumbled for this murmuring againtt God, neithet whenGod gave them fletb accordio~ to theii defires but · t~ey