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15 o- The.rareJemel of Chriftian Contenrmenr. they fell to murmuring again, thcy - ~vanted " foinew hat elf e. in the v~ry_next chapter they went not far in the 17. ofExod. begmmng.A,d-lt/lthe Co»gregation.ofthe Children of Ifrael jour- ,ieJ from th~ wild erne{~ of Sin & pitched in _Rephadim, & there '!Pas no water for the people to dri!'k_: Then ln _the fec~nd verfe, whe-refore the people dzJ. chide with Mofes and faiti; Gi11e ru. ruttr that 1u m_'.zy drin~; 11nd Mofes {aid ~nto thtm, why chide you r~ith me! wherefore do you tempt the Lord ; and in t~e third Verfe, dRJ the peop/~ tbirjlul there for 1114ter, and the ee np/~ tnUr• mured ag~tin;f Mores 4nd. [11id, r~bertfore is this, thilt fbou haft br01fl1bt HS out of Egypt, to k,ili ru, and our Children, ~tnd oNr Cat:"tl "JJitb thirft? So one time after another, Hill as foon as _ever they had received the mercy then they vvere a little qoieted but they were not hllmbled• . I bring there: Scriptures for this, to fhe!Y, That if we ha~e not b~en hnmbled for murmuring, ·the nexf crofs tb~t we m~e.J wirtal we Will fall ~o murmuring agaj(l). There are divers Aggra~ations of rbis fin of murmuring,I'le , mention but one now, and I thdl but begin that• . The firfl Aggravation .is this, To mur~ur wh~n we e~joy ~bund·41fCI of mercy: the gr;ater ~ml the m~re a.bsmJAnt the mercy is thAt we enjr;y, the grelfter, 4nd the •rii/er is the fin of murm-uring. As here now when God bad ·.new I y delivered them out of the houle of bondage, for them now to mmmur·becaufethey 1vant feme few particnlars that they de- . fir.e.,. Oh to fin again£l God afrer a ireat mercy, this is a great aggravation , and a 111otl abominable thing. 0~ give God praife accmding ro his ~xcellent greatnefs, to h1s e~ce_llenr goodnefi and gr-ace. · · And nb~v, Hath G~d g.iven . to you the ~ontentment of your ·heart ? Ta~e you bee~ of being'tqe caufe of any gri~,f to your( Brethren, think not that-becaufeGod bath been grac1?us unc9· you, that therefore he hatb given y~m lib~rty for to brmg th_en1 int() bondag~,.Oh let not.there be fa eh an dl effet"t-of Gods mer-: ,. cy