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The ra,-e Jewel of cb,·i 11ian C ontentment. 5 ther the n ho 1ey, and bu tter, and yet have 1var in their ~ hearts; and as he [aitn in anothe r<p!ace, v bJHt I ~![t ji.'ena my bone r ' 1 t>z-xed old; fo there, 1'\'.h1~H there is a fer,eil e calm upon their tongues, have ye t blul.hing {tormes in (hei r fpirir s, and whMt they keep fileo ce their heJrts are tWL!Sled, and ev·::n Norn away with anguifh ·and vex~ ion ; _they bavr;: pca-:e ::nd q;liet outwardly, bur war from the unm,y and turbulent wc.rhi 1g~ oftheir:hearts, that i3 within. If the auaimment to true C ll" tentmen~ were as eafie as keeping qn iet out ward!y,~ he:r e need be no great learning of it ; it might be bad wi rh lefs sbl! and ftreng! b than an Apoft le bad ; yea than an ordH ,ary ChriP.ian 'lath or may have. Therefore certainly there is a great deal more in it then can be attained by common gifts, and ordinary power of reafon, which ofcen bridles 111 nature. It is a heaitbl!fine,fs. Se~ondly, !& ii th: ( q·tiet ) of the heart,A!l is [edate and £hll tbere, and to nhde,r{hnd this_ the better; This quiet gracious fram~ of fpirit. It is not oppofed. , ,. I. ,To tt.Jul fmfe ofaffii£ti rm . God cloth give leave to his people tobe fe nfible of wha t th ey fufFI!r: Chrift cloth not fay do not·count that a croffe which is a crors, but take up your crofs dayly. As it is in the body natural, if the body rakes Phyfick and IS not able ro be ar. it bur pre[ently -;omits it up, or if it be not at all [enfible, if itft ir not the body; e·ither of rhore vvaies the Pbyfick dQ-tb no good, but arg1,1es the body much diHempered .and will hardly be cured. So it is ',A{ich the fpirits of men under atRtcbons ; if eithei they cannot bear Gods potions but cafl them up again or are not fenGble ~f them, and their fo:Jls arc no more Hir•d· by them th1n the body is by a draught of frnall beer~ ic is a fad fy:nptome that their fouls are in a dangerous and aJmo£1: incurable condition: So that th ;s inward qliiemefs is not in oppofition to the fenfe of aflletion : for indeea there were no true Cotltentment if you wete not apprehenlive ;md fenfible ofyour affiietions when God is angry. It is not oppofed. ' · · 2, To an orderly mli~int, O{t r moAn and compl.tir:t to Gcd cino oNr frie-ndr. Though a Cnriflian ought to be quiet U'lde r Gods correCting hand, yet he may withotlt any breach of Chri!lian - · .Contentment