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6 The rare Jewel of Chri~ttlll Comentmenr. -contentme tl t complain to God; ( as one of the Ancie.nts faith) though not with a rumulcuous clamour ar;d skreekincr out in a pe;·plexed paflion,yet jn a gui~t flill fubmiflive way he0may unhofom h1~ heart unto Uod. And likewife communicate hts lad condition to his gracious friends, {hewing them hoiV God bath dealt w.ith him and ho;v heavy the affiithon is upon hl!:n, that t.hey may fpe~k a word in dlle feafon to his wearied foul. It is not oppofed, . To 11/i 14~J~~I fuking out for htlp unto another cMaitiM-,or fim· ~~} tnfltiiVIJUring t~ be Je/ivem/, ()Ut of the ertfmr P.ff/iflion by rhe H[e 11[ /4Hfuil meanJ, No, I ma¥ fay in prov1lion for my de.- liverance and ufe Gods means waitililg on 'him, ·becaufe I know not but that it may be his 'fill to alter my condition; ana fo far as he leads me I may follow his providence, it is but my duty. God is thus far m~rcifully indulgent to cur we~knefs, and he w.iH not take it ill at our hands if by earnefi and importunate prayer ~ve feek unto him for deliverance, till ~ve knmv his good pleafare therein, And certainly thus feeking for help \'Vith fuch a fubmiffion and holy relignation offpirit to be delivered when God will and as God IVill, and how God will,fo that our wills are melted into the will ofGod, mi-s is no oppofition to the EJUietnefs which God requires in a contented fpirit. ~(j}. Bllt then, what is this q~'ietnefs offpir·it oppofed ucto? . Anfw. To 1111trmuring And repining at !he hand of GoJ;uth-e J.ifcontotted Jfrae/ites oft m Jid, VVniCh If We OUt felves cannot endure either in ou; children or fervants much lefs can God bear it in us, ~. n vexing .tnd fretting·; which is a degree beyoJ:J~ murmuring. It is a fpeech I remember of an H~athen. ,A IVtfe man m1y grieve under,bnt not be vexed IVith l:i1s affiuStwn~. There is a vaft difference benvixt a l<ind ly grieving and a d1flempe* red vexation, 3. To tumuium;fnt"f of ffirit _: When the thoughts run ~jf .. traetinaty and Nork i1·1 a confufed m.mner,fc that the affetltons are Jik~ the unruly mnltitude in the Atfs, who ~new not fo what end they were come together. The Lo_rd. expe6h that you fhould be filent under his rod, and as he fa1d m .A.fi.t9"•36-yo14 . oNght