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The rtJre ]e11tl of ChriffiA1J Contentment. · 2 3 than the condition that Gcd doth difpofe us to, r.ovv here is not Contentment it fuould not be only to any condition in general but for the kind of affiietionl if it be that which is mofi crofs w you. God (it ~ar be) firikes you in your Child, Oh if it had been in my eHate fa1th one, I thould be content; pethaps he Hnkes you in your match, Oh faith ~e, I had rather have been H:rucken in my health ~ and 1£ he had Chuck youin your health; Oh then if it had been in my ttading I would not have cared;· but 1ve mufi oot be our own carvets, .what particular affiietions God fuall difpofe ns to, thelc muft be Contemment in them. · Secondly,Thtre •u.fo bt a {N~fiJiffion to GQJ in t'tlt'J ajflitli· 1n, f" rbe fifllt. AnJ ti!JtifJHtlnce of tht •ffb&li~n. _le_ may be faitn one I could fubant and be content, but th1s affl1chon bath been upon me a long time, a quarter of a year, a yeat,div.ers years, and I know not how to yield and fubmit to it, my patience is even fforn and broke: yea it may be it is a fpiritual affiiciion. You could fubmit to God you ft y in any outYVard affiieticn, but not in a foul ~ffi,Ction, or i~ it were an affliCtion upon the foul, trouble vpon the heart, if it were the ff-ithdrawing of Gods face, yet if this had been but for a little time I could fubmit ; but feeking ofGod fo long a time and yet Gcd doth not appear, Oh how !hall I qear this 1 We mull not -be QUr O\Vne difpofers for the tifllt of delivetance no more than the k._inJ and 7111) of delivcrancc,ard I will give you a Scripture or two about this· That we are to fubmit uuto God for the time as well as the kind,in the latter end ofthe x.Cbap,of E~,k._.WI~tn J {""'it/ jea *I'" •Y f~tt, ~ J btA,.J" voi'e of ont th•t Jpa~e, (the Prop~et was cafi downe upon bis face,but how lon8 mufi he lie upon his face) And- ~e {t11itl Mnto .,, SQif ~f • .,,. /land *Po" thy Jut & I , 11iO {ptt~k.. Hntf tbu,(j- tbt (piril tntrtJ into •t;•hen /, {pllk..,t NnttJ 1111 & Jet ., Hp on ey fttt .E~e/ejtl was cafi ,down uponhis fac,e,Sc there he :mufi lie till God bid him Eland up, yea 8c not only fo, but till Gods Spirit came into him to enable him to fiand up: So when God calls us down,we mufi be content to lie till God bids us !\and up,and GodsSpirit enter into us to enable us to fl:and up, So you know No11h he was put into the Ark, certainly he knew there .vas much affiiaion in the Arli, having all kind