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The rare Jewel o/Chrirfian Comen mcnr. 5 I the water come in YVhere be wo~1ld have it. So t-.ere it may be God bad fome Hream of thy aff~cbon that ranne to him then · vvhen thoLl didfi: enjoy thefe things; Yea, but a great d~al was let out to the Creature, a great deal of thy affections did run vvafl: • Now tbe Lord would not have the affeCtions of his Childre~ to run wafi; he dorh not care ~or other mens affeCtions, bat for thine they are preciou-s, and God IYould not have them to run vva!l, therefore doth he cur off thy other Pipes that thy beart.might run wholly upon him : As if you have Children, becaufe you have fervants per baps do feed them, and o'ive them things, you perceive that your fervants do l1ea1 away fhe Hearts of your Children, you IVOllld hardly be able te bear it, you would be ready to tum away fucb a Servant, and when the Serv.ant is gone, the Child is at_a.great 1ofs, it mth not r<he NLlrfe. but the Father or Mother mtends by her putting away .thac th~ affections of the Child might run the .more Hrongly towards bimlel£~ or herfelf; and what Iofs hatb tbe Child that tae affe-Ctions that run in a rough ChaniJei before towards the fervanr, it mns towards the Mother? So, thofe affect-ions that rv.n to\Vards the Creature, God would have ' them ruq toward himfelf, that fo he may be Ail in All to' thee here in this world. And a gracious heart can indeed tel bow to enjoy God to be All in All to him: that is the happine[s ofHeaven to bave God to be All in All. The Saints in Heaven have not'Houfes and Lands, and Money, and Meat, and drink,and C!oaths.You will fty they· do not need t~_em:~y do they not? Ic is becaufe God is 1\ll in All to them tmrrtediately. Now ~vhile thou livelt in this world, thou mayet1come to-enjoymLtch of'God,you may have much of heaven;IVhile _we live ·here ~n _this life 1ve may eom to enjoy much of the very life that there IS m Heaven,& what is tPat b ~1t the-enjoyment of God to be all in all to us?There is gne text in the Revelatio~:~.s that fpeaks of the glorious condition of theChurch that is like t&e~ even here in eh is \vodd. ?tv.zr.z:a. · And I f~ 'A' no T ,mple there_in ,f or the Lor4 God 4 /'fJighty, 4nd the Lamb, arnbe (em;:;le of it -; and the 'City h4d tM nud of rhe Sun,. ;uithtr"of tbeMmJ to (/;int ;,. it, for the glory of God did lighten 1t, ~th1l thr Lczrnbis thtligbnhertof. _Tliey had_no need of the Sunoi Moon; It fpeaks-of fucb a glqneui~,_ condltion th:u: 1 l th::