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But here is another thing that is further; ·I fay, A Godly man can make up whatfoever he wants without the creature, he can make it up in himfelf, in Provnbs, 14. verfe 1 4· A good man is {~ttisjiNl in him{e!f': as now, if he wants outward comforts, good chear, feafiing; a good Confcience is a continual feafl,he can make up the want of a feaft by that peace he bath in his own - Confcience: if he wants melody ab;oad, he bath a bird wirhin him that fings the moft melodious fongs that are in the world, and the moft delightful!, And then, Doth he want hof!or? he bath his own confcience witneffing for him, that is a thonfand VJitndfes, the Scripture faith in Lu~e. 17. verfe 21. Neither }hall they fay: Lo, here; or Lo, there, :for behold the Kingdome of Gofl is within you; A Chriftian;Hen whatfoever he wants he can make it up,for he bath aKing<fome in hii!lfeif,the Kingdome of God is within him. If oni that is a King ihou!d meet with a great deal of trouble w~e,r( he is abroad, yet he contents himi~lf ~vi rh this, I have a .King_qom of mine owne : now here it is ~a.i<t, the Kingdom of Qod Is w!tb-in-a man; truly, upon thifScripture of the Kingdome of God being V[ithin, . thofe that ~te learned, if they would but look into tbat Comsnent upon tfle Gofpel that we have of a learne-am-an,they lball -find averr flrang~ ~~ceit that-heilatb '.bout th!s .very Text,be confclfes mdeed It IS mutterable;and fo mdeed 1t 1s: The Kingdom ofGod i.s within you; he makes it that there is fuch a prefencc of God and Chrifl within rhe foul of a man, that ¥Yhen the body dies(he faith) that the foul goes into God and Chrifl that is within him ; thc·Souis going into '.God and Chrift and enjoying of that communioo--wit-h---God and Chrifl that is within its felf, that is Heavef! to it ( faithfi~J__ He confe(fcs he is net able to exprefs himfelf, nor others cannOt underlland fully what ~e intends; but certainly .for the prefent before ·death, there is a Kingdom of God within the foul, fuch a manifeftation of ~od in ~he foul that is enough to content the heart of a Go9Iy man in the World, the Kingdome that he h ab nofY within him, he thall not flay till afterwards, till he · goes to Heaven. but certainly there is a Heaven in the foul of a Godly man, h~ hath~eave~ alrea~y: ~a_ny ~imes w~en you got<> comfort your fncnds m theu affh6t1ons, you wlll fay , Heaven·