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T!Je rare Jerrd of chrifJia;z Coruentmenr. sSJ. ' -----~ - Heaven will pay ~~r all; nar, you may ~er~ainly find Heavchpays for all already: there IS Heaven wHhm the fouls of the Saint~, that is a certain truth,no foul fhall ever come to Heaven, but that foul that hath Heaven come to it firlf. When you die, . you hope you ihal1 go to Heaev~: But if you ihall go to Heaven when you die, Heaven will come t~ you before you die. Now this is a great Myflerie eo have the KmgdG>m ofHeaven in the foul, no man can knew this but that foul that hach it; that Heaven which is within the foul for the prefent (I fay) it is like the white Stone and the new name, that none bur thofe that have it can undertland ic : it is a miferable condition, my Brethren, to depend upon creatures altogether for our ConteAtment; you know ric~ men account it a great happinefs, if they need r.ot go to buy thmgs by the peny as others do, they have ali things for pleafure or_profit upon their own grounq, and alttheir inherirauce Iyes .entire together, they have no body comes within them, but they have all within themfelves, there lies their happinefs: whereas other _poor people'· are fain to go from one market to another to provide · them necetfaries, but yet great men they have Sheep and Beeves, Corn, and Cloathing, and all things elfe of their own within themfelves, and herein they place their happinefs : But this is the happinefs of a Chrifiian that he bath that withiri himfelf that may fatisfie him more then all there ; That place waich we have in the firfi of_ 'fanm, feems to allude to that copdition ofmen that have an· their efiates within themfelves; 'fame~. I. 4· But let patience have her perfect wor~, tb11t we may be perfell and entire, wanting nothing : the word there , ufed,fignifies to have the whole inheritance to our felves, not a broken inlieritance,but that where all lies within themfe!ves; as aman that bath not a piece of his efiate here, and a piece there, but he bath it all lies together ; and the heart heing patient un<;ier aff\i&ions,llnas it felf to be in fuch an eHate as this is, finds his whole inheritance to be together, and all intire within its fdf. - And .now fiill to thew this by funher fi~il!tud~s; it is fVith him being filled wi;tfl g~od thl·ngs,jufr like as It IS WI~h many aman that enjoye_s abundance of comforts at ,home at h1s O'iVD houfe, God grants ta him a convenient haK 2 biration