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oo Tbe .rare Jn~el of Cbriftian Contentment. · h~bitation ~ a comfortable Yoke fello·,v ,and fine Walks and gar- • 1 Sens, and hatb all thing' at h0me tb:tt he C9U1d defire ! HOW this man cares not much for going abro.ad: other men are +"ai n ' to go abroad to take the air~ but he ba th .a fwc:ec air at ham;! an.dthey are fain to go abroad to fee friends,becaufe-thex hav~ I~!ltrags. and contending:; at home.; mmy iil husbands will g1_v~ tf1JS rearon (if his vvife mlke any ~oal'le and complaint· Gt hts ill hasoandry .) of their bad husbandry , and will make that thei.r ~xcufe to go abroad, becaufe they can never be quiet ac home. No1v ·we :~ccount thofe men moft happy that have all at home ; thofe that have dofe boufes that ate unfavory, and fmell ill, they delight to go iato the frdh aire ; but it is not fa with many others, tbavbave tbofe at bQme .; tbofe ti:Jat have no good ehear llt home, they are fain to go abroad to friends, but thofe that luve their tables furnilhed, they bad. as liv~ ·nay ~t R-ome : So a carnal man he bath but little Cencencmont in his ~wn fpirit; it is Auftisu fimilitude,faith he,An ill confcience lS _like a fcoulding wife; a man (faith he) that hatb an ill confctence he cares n~t to .look into his o.vn foul, but loves to be ~broad~ af'Jd looks ihto other thines, but nev.er looks to himfelf; but one that bath a good confcience I:Je delights in look- .;ng in~o kis own heart, he bath a good confcience within him : And fo a c&rnal hem, becaufe there is nothing but filthynefs, a filthy a ink in himfelf, nothing but. vilenefs and bafenefs YYithin him, upon this"it is that be feeks his Contentment elfewaerc: and 'as it is with a veffel tli!t is full oF J.iquor, if yon !bike uppn it, it wm make no great noife; but it it be e!t1pty' then it mtkes a great noife : So it is with the heart~ An heart tbat is full of'gr~ce and goodnefs within, fnch a one will bear a great many firokes and never make any noife; but an empty }teart, if that be flruck;that will make a noife; thofe men and women that are fo much complaining, and alwaies whining , it is a fign that there is an emptiners in their hetrts;but if their ~rts "ere filled· with grace they would .not make fuch. a noife as now they de. As a: man that hath h1s bones fill~d Witb Marrow, and Ycins tilled wit~ good blood, he complams not ef cold as others do: fo a g(acio1.1s heart having the Spirit •f<ia&d withm him, and hish(ardilled with gnce,he bath. th~t · wahm