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1 he rar~ Jewel ofCbrijtian Cont('nrmem 6 I within him that makes him find Contentment,It is a fpeech·of Senua,Indeed thofe things that I fuffer will be. incred1bly heavy iVhen I can:1otbear my fel~·: b~lt no1v ifl be no burcltn to my fe'lf,if I have al guie.r withmm1t1e own bearr,then I can bear any rhmg: many men through their vvickednefs they have bmdens without, b~J.t' the greatelt burden is the wickedn6fs of tbeit own hearts, they are not l!>urdened with their fins in ::. godly YVay, that would ea[e their burden, but they have flill thm wickedne.fs in the power of it, and fo they are burdens to thernfelves. Thediflempers of mens hearts are mighty burdens to them ; many, times a godly man hath enough within t• content him; vertue it is conrer.t with it felf for to live wel; ( Itis a fpeech of CicerQ,and it is one of his Paradoxes) It finds enough Within its ovvn fphrere · for tbe livin~ happily, but ho•,JV few are acquainted with this Mylterie ? Many think, Oh ifl h3d that that another, m.an bath, how happily comfo:table fhould I live: Oh but if thou beafi a Chnfiian wbatfoever thy condition be, yet thou haft enough within thy felf. You will fay fuch and fucb men that bave·all thiogs,tbey need not be beholding ro any body, you .!hall have many that will labour and take pains when they are young, that they might not. be beholding to others,I love to live of my felf;lilOIY aChriflian may do fo; not thu he cloth not live upoa God (I mem not fo) but upon that which he hath of God within himfelf that he can live upon , although he doth not enjoy the co111~ forts that are without himfelf, that is it which I mean, :tnd thofe thlt are godly and keep dofe to God ih. their communion with bim,tbey under!tand what I mean by this,that aChri!tian hath fupplrof ~1.1 his want~ \~ith!n himfe~f; an~ .here you may fee that the fpmt of a Chr~lttan 1s a precwus fpmt,a godly fpiritis precious, why f becaufe it bath enough to make him happy within himfelf. The next thing that tf!eMyflery of Contentment confliAs i.n, is this, ThAt 1t gracious het.rt fetch; (upply of 11!/ from the Ca- 'fltnllnt 11nd {o comn to have Contentwunt : wli1cQ IS a dry thin" to a c_arnal fpirit, Now there are two things here. ., Fir!t, he fetches Contentment from the covenant in general t~at is, from the gteat covenant t~at God lmb made with him in Chi!t