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61 The rare Jewd of Cbriftian Contentment. Secondly, From the particular promifes that God hath made with him in the Covenant, F irR, From the Covenant in general. l'le give you 0ne Scripture for that, it is very remarkable,in the 2 of Sam. 2 3. verf. 5. A/1 hough my hoH/e be not fo rdth God,yet he hllth 11htde with me an ever!.tfling Covenant ,ordered in IC '1 things t~nd fure: for this iJ all my fa!vation,tmd 11/1 my deflre,a/though he m~tlze it not to grow. It is a mofl admirable Scripture ofDavid, that yet had nee the Covenant of Grace opened fo fully as we have.But yet mark what David faith, Although I find nor my boufe fo, that is, fo comfortably every way as I would,alchou:b it be not fo,wbat hatb he te content his fpirit? faith he,he hatb made with me aa everla!lin~ Covenant;this is that that helps all: I am not (may fome men fay) thus aad thus with God, I d~ n0t find God come in fo fully, or it is nouvica my houfe and Family as I hoped it might be,perhaps there is this or that affi:61:ior1 upon my houfe ; fuppofe you thould have the Plague come into your houfe, and yout he•fe is not fafe, and you hav.~ not that outward comfort in your houfe as formerly you hacl, but can you r.ead the Scripture, and fay, Although my houfe be not fo bleft vvith health as other mens houfe~ are ; alt.hougb my houfe be not fo, yet he sath made with me an everlaaing Covenant, I am one yet in CGVejijant with Gcd, the Lord hath made with me an everlafiing covenant: as fo~(! things in this_world, I fee they are but momentary, tney are not everlafling'~"l fee in a family when all vvas well but a week ago,now all is dowo, and the Pla~ue hath fvvept a~vay, a great mapy of tieml and the ref-1: are left in fadn~rs, and n'lOarning: we fee .th.ere is no truf.ling in the things of thii world ,.yet the Lord l=iatb made with me an everlaf-l:ing covenant ordered in all thir.gs .- I find diforder in my heart, in my family; ~ut the everlaf.ling covenant that is ordered in all thil'lgs; yea, and that is fure, Alack! rbere is r o furenefs here in thefl!,tbings., I carybe fi!re of. notnino here, efpecially in there times) ~ve koow that a man can befure of little that he harp, who can ~e fure of his efiate? perhaps fome of you !>!ere that ha!te lived well and comfortably before and all was well about you, and you thought your m~unt~in ~vas !lrobgr btH you fee within a day ot trvo all taken