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1 he rare Jewel ofcbrijtian Contentment . 6 3 ken away from you, fo that there is no furenefs in the things of this world: But faith be, the Covenant is fure : what I venture to the Sea that is not fare, but here is an .AffuraFJce Office indeed,here is a great Aff'tmnce Oflice for the Sainrs, & they are not at char~e, but only th_e exercifing of Gra c~,for they ma-y go to tbis .Alfurance Office to affllre every thing that they ven- £ure, either to have the thing it felf,or be paid tor i t: In an afluranceOffice you cannot- be affured to have the very go~ds come in char you infured, bur if they be loft the Infnrers do ~ngage themfelves to make it good to you.And this Covenant ofgrace that God hat& made with his geople, it is Gods Afl'urance Office,andtheSaintsio aUtheu fears may, and oaghttogo to the Covenant to a{fure all things to them,to a«ure their eflates, and affure their lives. You will fay, How are they fure, their lives and eflates g0 as well as others ? ~ut God engages himfelf to make up ali:And then mark whH f,OHows, This-;.~ all my [t~lTIIIticn? Why David, vviit thou not have falvation from thine Enemies and outward dangers, from pefiilence and plague! The frame of16is fpirit is quieted, as if he lhould fay, If that falvation comes, well and good, I thaii praife Go.d fot it but that that I have in the Covenant, that is my falvatio~,I look upoA that as enough : Yea and the1 further, That is all my falva• on, and all my defire. -Why David, is there not fometh1ng elfe that thtu vvouldefl have betides this Covenant?No faith he,Ir is all involved in this. Now furely thofe men or women muA: needs live contented lives that have aH their dellres ; now fa ith the ·holy man here, that is all my defire, And thotJgh he ma~es it not to grow. B:.Jt for ~11 this Covenamperhaps you will not profper in the world as other men do: True, but I am at a point for tha•, ~hough God doth not make my houfe to grow, I have all my defires. , · Thus yoa fee how a Godly heart finds Contentment in the Covenant, Mar.y of you fpeak of the Covenant of Gcd,and of r.lle Covenam of Grace, but have vou found i t fo. effe6tual to your fou:s? have you fuckt this (weetnefs from the .Covenant and content to your hearts in your fad condition ? It is a fpecial fign oi the truth of Grace in any foul ; that when a~y affl iction doth befall him, in a kind of natural way ne doth prefent)y repau