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' 64 The rare Jewd of Chrijiian Contentment. repai( to the Covenant; jllfl: as a Child as foon as ever ir is in danger ,you !hall not need to reil him and fay, vvben you are in d.mg.er you muft go to yom father or mother, narure re is him. , fo : [o i t is wit.h a gracio·os heart, as foon as it is in any troubl~ or afiEC\:ion tbete is a ne.v nature that doth carry him to the Covenant prefently, and there itfinds eafe and reH: and if you fit id tba t your hearts do thus work, prefently to be runni ng ro t ~e Covenant, i t is an excellerlt fign of the auth of grace : that is for the general. • BJ.t nmv for par ticutar promifes in the Covenant of Grace. A gracious heart looks upon every promife as coming from the root of the gteat Covenant of Grace in Cbri!t. Other men look upon feme partic t1lar promifes, that God will help , them in Graights anc!, keep them and the We; but they look not opon the connexion of fuch particular promifes, to the root,the covenant of grace: Now Chrifl:ians do mifs of a great deal of comfort they might have from the part~colar promifes in tbe gofpel, if (hey would look upon their connexion to the root, the great Covena!)t ~hat god bath made with them in Chrilt. Now I remember I fpoke a little about that,that in ou tward promifes in the time of the Law,they might refi more up:m them than we can in the time of the gof.pel. I gave you the reafon why iVe that live in the time of the Gofpel cannot refl: fo fully ,for a literal performance ofoutward promifes that we meet withall in the old Tefl:ameot, as they might in the time of the Law : for there was a fpecial Covenant that God pleafed to ea! a new Covenant by 1vay of diftir,tl:ion from the other Covenant rhat i~ maoe with us in Chtifl: for ecemal li fe: And fo even the Law I'Va! given them in a more peculiar way for an external Covenant of outward blefftng~ in the. Land of Can tt an, and [o God did deal with them in a more external Covenant than he cloth now with his people. · Yet godlinefs ' bath tbe promife of this life; and that which is to come. We may make ufe of th~ promifes for this life, but yet mot fo mudt. to re fl: upon the literal per formance of them as they m1ght; but that God will make themgood fame way or other ,in a fpiritu al wav, if not in an outwa1d way. _ We mrfl: lay no .more upon out ;vzad ::.:romifes tben this,and therefore if r<e will Jay . RDr