Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguit 17. 1661. 2. How canft thou look thy fins in the face, and thinkon what thou haft done and art ? How canft thou look inward into thy de- filed heart, and not tremb!e, when thou halt no more thelter from the wrath ofGod 3. How catift thou look God in the face, who is a hater of fin ? How canft thou read his Attributes, think on his Threatnings? &c. 4, How can't thou think to have any duty accepted, any Prayer heard, or rewarded ? &c. 5. How canft thou think on the Day of judgement, on the time when thou mutt receive thy final fentence,if thou haft not received Chrift ? Oh what a thing is a Chrittlefsheart &c. Q What (hall I do that I may receive Chrill? A. 1. Till Chrift be thine, and bath brought. peace from flea- 'yen to thy Soul, let no peace be there to keep him out : I do not fay, overwhelm thy fell with forrow ; but let forrow dwell theret and let holy cares and folicitoufnefs about thy fpiritual hate be there till Chrift come andquiet and reconcile thee toGod. 2. Read and believe the Gofpel; fee there what Chrift is, and thy neceffity. of him 5 Believing will open the door to entertaining him ; affent will procure thy confent. - 3. Keep up no Idol in thy heart againft him. Turn out that that keeps out Chrift. How dear foever it feems now, at laft thou wilt fee it more neceirary to deceit than keep it. I come now to exhort all poor weak Chrifcians,. that they would make after confirmation, and grow to a greater meat-tire in Grace, as they have received Chrift. It is not enough robe conceited that you have been converted ; and it will not be enough to the afFa- ranee ofyour converfion, or fifety ofyour fouls, chat you think you - are converted, and you fit down there : He that is content with the opinion he bath Grace ; therefore .defiles to have no more, be,- caufe the PromiCe ofSalvation is made to the Truth of Grace, it's a lign he never had Grace; Strength in Grace is your own felicity, 'cis part of your happinefs : Your eternal happinefs will partly confiit in your perional perfellion ; and without perfonalperfeecion, all heavenly glory will not-be a perfth felicity. Ifyou have fixed your Anchor in Gods Promifes, this engages you to look up, make after, and proceed, &c. Take thefe Motives. t. Confider, there is the fame realm to move thee to-grow and proceed, as there was to move thee to thy firft believing. Why do you becomeChriflians, but becaufe of the neceifity of the Riches and Excellencies of Chrift, and that there was better things in Chrift.p.