Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

PreAched Augufi 17. 1662. I'05 namely idle talk that wafts precious time, makes us unfruitful to one another, backbiting efpecially, can they put but a Religious pretence upon it, or if they backbite thole that differ in opinion. Remember that terrible paflage, Priv. 18. 21. Ja. I. 26. and 35. 6. rfal.39. and 35. 28. avoid idle 'talk, backbiting, &c. watch over your tongues : and if any are by nature addiaed to a laxity of tongue : and multitudeofwords, there lies a double obligation on you in point of danger and necenity, above all others to keep a careful watch over your tongue,you fhould rather fpeak fewer words then others : and if you find your felves inclined to fpeak againft anybehind his back, reprehend your felves and avoid it. 15. Learnthe holy skill of improving every condition that God !hall cat you into; learn how to live to God to every condition : if you have skill and heart, there is advantage to be got by all ; that profperity may ftrengthen you in God, encourage you in his fer- vice, that adverfity may wean you from the wo. Id, help you to re- pentance, raife'you toGod, and give you moi e then it took away. Know the danger and duty of every condition, ftudy them before they come upon you, that they donot furprizeyou : learn to know what's the danger, duty, and particular temptation ofevery condi, tion,. and in that condition you are moil likely to expeCt a fall into : prepare for affliEtion as the common lot ofthe Saints, take it as no strange thing when it overtakes yOu : know how to abound and how to want. A great deal of a Chriftians fafety and comfort lies on this, to Rudy the temptation and duty ofevery condition be- fore it come, that Co you may have your remedy at hand, and fall to your work, and commit your felves to God. 16. Be as conCcionable and ftri& in the duties of your relations, and dealings with men, proportionably as in the duties ofholinefs more dire&ly to be performed to God ; make as much confcience, care, Rudy, diligence,- about being juit, that you wrong no man in buyingor felling, as you do in duties ofholiness, hearing, pray- ing, receiving; in your trading make confcience of jultice and faithfulnefs, as well as in the worfhip ofGod, and in your own per- fonal behaviour ; inyour calling be diligent, not floathful in but-I- nes, &c. And fo in the duties of your-relations : Oh that Parents knewwhat a charge lies on them concerning the fouls of their chil- dren, &c. fo Matters, look to your fervants, and be as confciona- ble in doing your duty for their fouls good, and being faithful to them, and companionateover them, as in your duty to God : keep up family duties with life, ferioufhefs, diligence and vigour : the life of Religion in the world, muff be kept up very much in Fa- milies. P 17. Make