Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

26 Mr. Caryl's Sermon. according as thatfaithlefs fervant wasinmilhed, which knew his Majers will, and did it not. Oh I where be thole manifeff ations of God that we have had? have we not had the light of theknowledge ofGodAining to ix in the face of Jefus Chaff ? but we have not rejoyced in this light, but have compared our felves about with fparks of our own kindling, and therefore it is jufi welhould lye down in fOrrow. Andyet thou lengthneft out thy patience to us, andyet we have one op- portunity more to come unto thee; oh we pray thee let us underliand the things belonging to our peace, before they be hid from our eyes : let our fouls be bound in the bundle of life with Chrifi Jefus; We pray thee, that that Spirit ofthine, may jirengthen us ; that that Spirit mayguide us, and lead us into all truth : Leave us not to our own jirength, nor to our own counfel,but _thew us the ferrets ofthy words andwork; thou hall pro- nged thy fecret jhalli be with them that fear thee, and thou wilt fhew them thy Covenatit.i..kmdas thon doff give us thy Sabboths, fo giveus to thrive by them, and help us togrow as the herb, and-fend orth ourfruit as Lebanon. . Let thy Word' come withpower on every one of us, that it may not be ac the bearingof the air, but let it fit us for duty, that we may ho- nour our God in the midi' of thefe changes, until we come to that place Where there is no change; and allfor the fake of our dear Lord yefus, to whom with thee, and the bleffed -Spirit, be glory and honour, now and for ever. .4,44,04+:144444444444.4444+144+144444.444 His SERMON. Rev. 3. v. 4. And theyPall wakwith me in white for they are worthy. N the former part of this Vale you heard the commendation of thole few names in Sardis r It was this, They had not defiled their garments. In this latter part you have their encouragement in their reward : They fhallwalk,with me in white. In which encouragement,. - / told on we might confider two things, or take it into two parts: Firft, That theywould walk_with Chriji. Secondly, Theyfhouldwalk in white. I'have fpoken to the former of thefe, Theyfhall walk, with Chrift, and that the Scripture holds,forth under a two-fold notion : Firft,as matter of duty, It is a duty towalk with Chrift. Secondly, it is a matter of promile : They that keep their gar- meats undefiled, and live in high favour with Chrift,