Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

38 Dr. Cafe's Sermon, been nothing that would have undone us but Reformation : and truely God feems to (peak (itch a word as that was, Numb. 7. 5. in difpleaftire and anger, / will make your murmurings to ceafe : I will take away the caule of your murmuring : I would have reformed you, and you would not be reformed: As Chrift to jerufalern, I would, but you would not, Mat. 23. The time may come when we would, andGod will not : when we fhall cry, Other Lords have had dominion over us, &c. Ifa. 26. 23. but thou Lord, let up thou thy GOvernment : rule thou over us ; and God may fay, No, tis tJo late, Iwould have healedyou, andyouwo;ild not be healed. 14. The great, neglect of the cares of our Families. Truly 'tis not the 'calf fin that threatens the removal of our Candleftick. How generally have the duties of Religion been let fall in our Families, reading the Word, finging Pfalms, &c. time was, when one could not come through the ftreets in London on an evening in the week day, but we might hear the praifes of God, finging ofPfalms : now 'tis a stranger in the City, even. upon theLords own Day. Oh ! how have Governours of Fattilies'caft off the care ofthe fouls that God hath committed to them ? How carelefs are they ofthe fouls of their yoak-fellows, that lie in their boroms of their children, the fruit of their loins, mailers of their ferzvnts, Ste. And in the mean time, are ready to Rand up' and juffify themfelves with the boldnefs of teiin, to fay to God, Ain Imy brothers-keeper ? Am I the keeper of my yoak-fellows children, fervants fouls ? Yes, thou art the keep- er,&c. God bath put them into thy truft, and if they perifh through thy fault, theymay dye in their fins, but their bloodpall be required at thy hand. God will fay to thee, as he did to Cain, Thy Brothers blood cryeth in my ear. 15. Our indifferences as to matter of aith and doctrine : That we have not been more zealous for theTruth ofChrift, that great craft and depoliturn that hath been committed to Us : we have account- ed it no matter of what opinion or judgement men he of in thefe latter times. 'Tis an univerfal laying, No matter what judgement men be of, fo they be Saints : As if truth in the judgement didnot, go to the making up ofa Saint, as well as holinefs in the Will and Affetti- ens : As if Chrift had not come into the-world to bear witnere of the Truth which was his great defign : as if it were nomatter, if God have the heart, fo the Devil be in the head : as if no matter that be full ofdarknef;, fo the heart be for God. 16. The unfutablenefs of our converfations to the Gofpel of Chrift : 'Tis the onely thing the Apoille puts the Phillipians in minde of, and commits to their care, Phil, 1.27. and truly in thee unhappy days