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Chap. 38. 4nExpo itionupon the ßookof j o B. Verf. 8. 97 all things ìffue whereas here the Lord feems to fpeak of fome fpecial womb, out of which the Sea iffued. And therefore Ira- then adhere to that Interpretation, which faith plainly , that the womb out of which the Sea is faid to ifh.ce , was the Abyffe or bowels of the Earth. TheSeabrake forth out of thebowels of the Earth, as out of a womb. TheEarth is the Common Parent-; the Parent of the Sea; the Sea wascreated in the bowels of the Éarch ; or the Earth was created big with the watersof the Sea, as a woman big with child , and 1hortly after the Lord caufed the earth,likeawoman with child,to travel and bring forth the Sea.So that the Lord cloth here morediflinaly open to us the manner of theCreation of theSea,than in the fir!+ ofGenets. It is true, the Element of Water hath itsffeat naturally above the Earth , it be- ing the lighter. Element ; but as to the firfl conception of ir, this Scripture implies ,, that its place was within the Earth , and that it iffued forth from the Earth. The bowels of the Earth were the womb in which the Sea was conceived , andout of which, by the Word of the Lord, it iffued. The waters were not at firl created above the Earth (as force haveaffirmed) but they being createdwith the Earth, and conceived within theEarth, brake out of theEarth, and invefied or covered it all over ; and fo continued in that condition till the thirdday, and then the Lord commanded them to retire into certain val channels, now cal- led Sea , that fo the dry land might appear. Thus the Lord , when the waters were iffued forth difpofed of them in their proper place. According to thisInterpretation , we are to take thefe words of the time pall ; Who is he that flout up the Sea with doors, when it brakeforth ? that is, after it had broken forth, after it had iffued out, who was he that then (hut it upwith doors? This defcription of the Nativity of the Sea, may be drawn out into thefe corclu ions Firfl , The Earth and Waterswere created both together. Secondly , The Waters were at fir.{t created within the bowels of the Earth ; for faith the Text, They iffued forth , they brake forth. Thirdly, At the CornmandofGod,the Waters were broughtforth out ofthe Earth, as a Child out of the Mothers womb (Pfal. 33. 7.) He gathcreth the watersof the Sea together as an heap, be layette up thedeep in fore.houfes(Pfal. t 04 verf. g,9.) ilefs the Lord,&i.who O laid