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9$ Chap. 38. anEx o soon upon the Boo of Yf P k f J o a. Vert'. 8, laid the foundations ofthe Earth , that itfhouldnot be removed for ever ; thou coveredfl it with the deep as with itgarment : the ty4. rersflood above the Mountains. Fourthly , The Waters being thus brought forth, did at fir]? cover the Earth , and fo would have continued , if God had let themalone. In the method of Nature things lie thus : Firft , The earth is lowell, being thegroffefi element. Secondly , The water rifeth above the earth ,. as being more pure than that. Thirdly , The air is above the water, as being much more pure than the water. Fourthly , The firegets above all , as being the thinner+ and purell of all the elements; and therefore the water iffuing out of the earth , would have continually covered the face of the earth , if the Lord by his power had not ordered it off, and film it up with doors, when come off, according to our read- ing the words in this verfe, and according to the general reading of the tenth verfe ; where the whole earth being covered with water, the Lord brake up for it his decreed place, and there kept it fall. Thus David (Pfal. 104. 7) 8. ) fpeaking of the waters above the mountains and over-flowing all ; prefently adds, At thyrebuke theyfled, at the voice of thy thunder they balleda- way ; theygo upby the mountains, theygo down by the vallies, un- to theplacewhich thou haft founded for them. There the Lord by `David, as hereby himfclf, lets forth his mightypower, in the dif- pofal of the waters to a certain place. But if we take that other reading of this verfe , whobathan- stointed thedoors of the Sea? then by doors we are not to under- hand that which flops the Sea from over -flowing the earth , as in the tenth verfe ; but for thofe paffages at whichthe waters brake out of the earth, as an infant from the womb ; which feems tnofI diflinaand clear. And becaufe the Sea is fo hugea body, fogreat a part of the world, we may (not unproitably, I hope, before I pafs from this verfe) confider a three-fold reprefencation of the Sea, or the Sea as a glafs (hewingus three things. Fide , The Sea bath in it a reprefentation of Godhimfclf in Iris divineperfeaions. Second-