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Chap. 38. an Éxpofitio» span the Book of J o B. Verf. i 2. Verf. 1 a. haft thou commanded the morning fince thy days ? That's the fira Q. eflion ; Haft thou fince thy days, given the morning its charge ; to MI. Broughton tranflates implying, that every morning theSun receives as a were fresh orders from fome hand or other ? now , haft thou given out orders for themorning light ; Doth the day-light obey thee ? Doth the Sun arife at fuch times and places as thou haft appointed ? Haft thou commanded Verb um tit.S it (fu we render) The word rotes commanding with fullest au- .I Jubere, thority , a command co appear' and be ready upon duty , a com- 'GeehI' ;nand co Hand forth and do what is enjoyned. This word of r?erc,tn command ismoft proper unto God, 3 z He fp4e tüe j4no0:;x7 educe.- word , and it was done ; he commanded , and it flood °aft. The re. Imperium command of God is a.creating command , it l urs things into aa; votuntatio 67- his laying gives them a being ; his calling them to work , makes rax,nrett;$irur, them work, or lets them a work. Now, faith God, Hal thou gaodflarim fe- commanded the morning? Hail thou 0706, filch a wordof com- riIS.YPHaar f , g f. J 9 mand upon any creature, for the producing of any cffeeT, moti on, or action ? Haft thou commanded The morning? ¿ rnanando la- By the morning,theLord means the morninglight. As if he had erne dicitur ma- Paid , Haft th :trailed the Sunont of its bed, and brought forth the ár0, quodcurx morning ? haft thou, like theMatter or Lord of thisgreatfamily, o1e manar dies theworld called up thyfervants , and fet up thy light for them to a6 nïen;e.. :workby ? haft thou commanded the morning , that is , caufed the Sun to rife , which is a abridegroom coming cut of his chamber,. and rejoyceth a a bong man to ran a race (Pfal.. 19. S. ) No , faith the Lord , it was. not , 'cis not thou that com- mandeftt the morning, it is I that command the morning.. I commanded the firft morning ( Gen. r: 5,. ) I laid , Let there be light , and there was light ; and the evening and morning were thefirft day. It was I, who the fourth day, Paid , Let there be lights in thefirmament of the heaven, to divide the day from the night ; and let them be forfgns andfor feafons , for days and for years.. It wag I that made two great. lights (the Sun and Moon) the greater light to rule the day,and the lefer light to rule the night, (Gen. I. Ig, r s, 16.) The firft morning,, and all the mornings, the