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Chap. 38. cfin Expofttion upm the Book_ of J o B. Verf. 12. 11 S' the !ioht·bearer, or the light-bringer , came fonh and a-ppeared at"my command, noc., at thine. Haft thuu C6mmandrd the -mormng Since thy days. There is fome1vhat fpecial in tho[e words, Sir.ce thy dap. We may uke therll either of the(e two ways. l~irfi 1 As i the Lord had f~id, T1'~f there no morJJing 6efore Cum cli~ir, A .. thydap? 0 :, Was there not a mormng, befo~e thou hadlt a diebus tuis, morning in the world ? Did the birth of rhe mo:ning wait till Oj?endit id an· r~ou wafl: born ? Did it not look fonh 1 tior :arp:ar, rill thou tegu1m i!ie uj. did!t appear ? Surely, there were mornings, hundreds of years f:;·et(J;h~before thou hadfl amorning in the world. The mo:uiog did not ~u~~~illw:rn~fhy for thee, nor for thy d~y. , tur.e ordinem • Secondly, Haft tho11 (07/llm~nJeJ. rJgmorning jince thJdayt? int;lanu~ei~Qb That is, Iince thou cameft into the world ? haft tb(m had the hQ- nonhommum. . . d d k d II h . Mere. nour 1 prtvlle ge,an power toawa en an ca up t e mornmg, as thou doft thy bou(hold fervams? Know, 0 Jo6, rhu, as there was a morning before thou waft born, or hadfi a day in the world ; fo fiue thy day 1 thon haft neither made the morning,nor raired up the morning light; that power is now in my hand, as ic was befope thou waft in being ; thou art bur oi yefterday, of a f::w days : there was amorning before thy days; and Iince thy days many have continued and come fonh daily : yet not at thy C(?Jmmand, but at mine. As I 'brought forth ·theJight in the nrfi day of .r~· G:reation, fo the fourth day I ·created •tl•e Sun, into whicfrJ.g:ithered t'l~e lighr; and ic:whofe rifing the.morning fl1ews itfc:H, 11 1 ; J ~'I ·,, do c': , -•d!. <'. H~ff thou com,nanJeJthe morrJifgjil'!,€.,~ t/J} ~'fJS ? 'fisadaring Q!!_eftioo; thou !)aft nor, Ij1avedone it, and Mt thou . .. ' . , . . , ·; . r· • • ; • • - • •• 4 .. ' , ,.; • ·. . F' l: .• · ; " . ne.nce Note , _ tr!. , ., . I _,. . } what Godwill h~tve doJtt , he can com111and toGe.dane, or it flMP · be done at hu.comT1MfiJ, ,. _ ' • -<' ~ I. ; Tfie Lord needs>not lab~iir to'pr0duce tbe- •moA: difficult ef– fe~s:; tre~~~ proctbce theman Lerd ,:·by nvord fpeaking ·; be nccds:notintreat, nor tFcaclabout·the bringing forth of aoy tpatQ...z ter~