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Chap. 38. an Expotitian upon the Sookof J o a. Vert. 13. 13 3 when the light appears, dif-appear, with-draw, and play (as we fay) leaft infight (rob 24.. 13.) The wicked are they that rebel a-. gainfl the light, they hate it, cannot endure ir, they are like: the wild balls of the earth , that raven in thenight, but in the day couch:rn their dens and coverts, no man can tell where to find them (Pfd. IC4. 30) 2-I, 22.) Thoum4efl darkZnefs, and it is night , wherein all the bcafls of the forrefi do creepforth, &c. The San arifeth, theygather themfelves together , and lay them domn in their dens. Thus the wildbeafts are (haken out of the earth, when the light appears , and fo are wicked beats-like men (John 3. 2o.) Every one that Bothevil, haterh the light. And as Inch hate the fpiritual light of the Gape! , fo they dó not very well like the natural light of the day. Wicked men decline the lighr, and are called datkeefs , and their works are called the works of darknefs; and therefore when the Sun arifeth, theeves, robbers,, and all of thoe ,wicked trades , may be Paid to (hake themfelves out of the earth. He chat Both evil, hates the light, he looks up- on light as an enemy. Fouichïy, Thefe words, That the wicked might defhaken out Manejudirút of it , are rather to be underflood of the wicked , as often ap- exereebantur. prehended in the morning , for evil done in the night. When the Druf Gror. day- fpring appears, it difcovers wickedmen, who being taken, Senfui hurum examined, and tried, are by the Sentence of the Judge and De- tierborum d, ut cree of the Magi(rate (haken out of the earth. God the ortotrì dìeex- r orte trsFantur Judge, feems to search the whole earth by the Candle adpaid, ac of the Sun , as he once threatned to fearch lerafalem with ìtorerraexcutk candles. mar. Plfc, Hence Note , Fria ; Light is a difcoverer. Light makes all things manifefi. As the light of the Word dif covers the evil that is in the works of wicked men , and makes that manifefl ; fo the light of the Sun difcovers the perlons of wicked men , and makes them manifefr. We cannot difiingui(i white fromblack, nor can we fee where men are, nor what they are doing, till light be-friend us. And as the natural light makes things manifeRR , fo much more doth fpiritual light, the light of Law and Gofpel. By the power of that light wicked men are (haken anddriven out of thei; fins; by that light they fee.