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Chap. 38. an Expofition upon the Boob of Jas. Verf. 19. x65 the World, that half of the World upon which it Chilled in the obyurdea itaan day , over- fhadowed withdatknefs. lc is by the access and re- obcum slates eels, by the tiring and Letting of the Sun , that we enjoy light vldit7.y or- or arewrapped up indarknefs. And Co Etft and Weft are called to; ; novírque by the ancient Poets the hou tes or dwellings of theSun. mar urrafgua Afironomers have found out , acco:ding to their do&rine, re. Semitic Arec. vice twelve houtes or dwelling places of the Sun ; they imagine a 4, girdle or bond palling quite through the heavens , which they call mr adfign,re- . the Zoeliack, and there a line which they call the Ecliptich,, in Zodíaci fparia, which the themplace the twelve fìgnshetheñrft of whiichthe Sun carpet fur n this line , Y P and is called Aries , the Perragit, guæ ertreth the firli moneth of the yea`, nbarolrnN fecond Tatsrus, the third Gemini, erc. There are onely fi`,iions h Yones by which they reprefent the gradual motions of the Sun in the fe- vei Domus veral feafons of the year, and they call them iflanfion Hoofer or foleneappellai. haqueZona it- DwePings e f the Sun tovulgar underi}andio we may anfwer Z ä f'z a Thirdly, According thefe queflions, Where is the way where light dwellech, C? c rujur ci in Plainly thus, Light dwelleth in the Sun , there light abides, and protenditur from thence Ibines to us. The Sun is the Veffel or Stoze- houfeclipticaeft via of light, the Luminary of the World by day , as the Moon folrr, qu q and Stars are by nigh-. And as for d baií, demos arknefs,that takes its place dícirur, nunrna every where , as fóon as the Sun leaves any place. As often as dieour, Oust the Suncontinuing his circular progrefs vifits the other Hemi- gold. fphere, darknefs takes poffeffion of this. Light and darknefs take their turns; the one alwayes going off , when and where the other entersupon the fiabe of the world. Now though Philofophers, with our own experience, tell us, that the reafon of this, is, the accefs and recefs of the Sun ;. yet it is unknown to us , howGod bath thus tempered the courfe of nature , that day and night fhould not be alwayes alike in any part of theWo ld , but vary inboth the Hemifpheres , and that in the fame Hemifphere there fhould be fuck a felled inequality in the length of ilie nights and days. This dependeth wholly upon the will of God , who thus bated the motions of the hea- venlybodies from thevery beginning. If it be asked , WhyBoth the Lord put. thefe queftions to Yob, where is the way where light dwelleth ? Seeing every one may an- fwer,, light is in the Sun , light fhines in and fills the Air , while