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J48 Chap. t t..fln Expofition upon the Book of JOB. VerCt9, fpiritual things ; This iä a truth , and may be ,:a good allufon, though not a proper expoftion of that Scripture : Now as our feet arebeautiful with limes when we go on ruftly, and righte- oufly fo when we go on thrivingly, quietly and peaceably in our callings ; when though we have much labour , yet we have no forrow in our callings : when though we work hard for the bread weeat, yet we get bread to eat, and others do not eat the bread for which we have wrought. «nd than 'halt take thy refs in fafety, In?) That's a third privikedge. The word lignifies a lying down, Cuban, eubeie whether in the day time for a thort refre(hment , or in the night qui 3aon d®r- for peep. And fo it is no more but this , As thou (halt dig and mrt: hoc ver thriV at thy bKrra ei merle e work fo thou !halt take thy refit in fafety thy re- ufsrpttur bite poles in the lay, and thy deep in the night thail be fweet unto t'' thee. ¡fhbofhetb was [lain at noon upon his bed night hath ssíorrui. Druf been fatal tomany. io xhreig '?-1 Note from it, . c f - It is a mercy toenjoy reJ with quiet. ?spr'Y oo`.,lsept Theywho are continually hurried with fears; who (like Job) have had their elates plundered and fpoiled would count it fo. 1.-low many thoufands, lately, in this kingdom, have as it was threatned (Dent.28. 66.) been in fear day andnight who when they have lain down could not reti an hour in fafety ? The Scri- pture gives us many promifes about this bletling, `Prov.3. 24- When thon lycfi down thon not be afraid yea thon Pont lye down, and thy fleep fhnllbe fweet,Pfal.iz7.z. So hegiveth has be- lovedfleep. Pial.3. ç. ¡laidone downandflept, I awaked, for the Lord faflainedme. Pfal.4. 8. 1 will both lay one down in peace and fleep, for'thou Lord makefi me dwell in fafety. When the Lord undertakes our prote lion we mayfleep on both ears, that is,fecure- ly and cornfottably ; when he watcheth over us we (hall reti, though thoufands watch againft us. A good nights ref} is the good gift of. God, and deferves dayly acknowledgements by man. The foùrth priviledge,follows. Verle t 9. Thou fhalt lie down andnonefhall mall theeafraid. Some enterprete this as a repetition or but as an addition to the former ; hut, we may thus difference them ; That promifed mall to his perfon and family , this to his eilate and cartel. The word