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Chap. I I. effn Expofition upon the Boob, of J9 B. Verf. 19. 149 word (71bats) here ufed , properly lignifies the lying down of Val cattell in their fields and folds. Thus underftood it is a diflinel Propriede grc= mercy, Thou (halt be quiet inthy bed,asalto thy catcell, thy Bleep gib"".; and oxen , fhall all lye down quietly in their ítrals and paftures, none (hall fair them up , much leffe take theta away: But Tome may object. The text loth not fay, Thy canell, dc.ilia/Hie down, But thoufhalt lie down. I anfwer , Aman and his efiate , whether in things livingor without life may be wrapt up in one , we are well and in peace' (according to common fpeech) when ours and all that we have are well. Hence Note, A peaceablecondition, even for our goods and cattell, is a re- markablefavour. That our eftates are quiet as well as our perlons, that our beaus tan lie down fafely as well as our children,, is to benùmbred' among our mercies. The Piàlmi(l prayeth hard for it (Pfal. i 44. 1.3,14.) That oarfheep may bringforth thoufands, and ten thou- farads in our ftreets, That our oxen may be flrong to labour , that there be not breaking in nor goingout that there be no complaining in ourfiireets and lean any Ihould judge thefe but (mall matters, he calls them up intoa great fumme , even the fummeof all our delires , Happineffe, Happy is that people that is inftrch a cafe. Though neither all our happineffe nor our chielhappineffe con - fifleth in there outward things ; yet lu h an enjoyment of there things is a happines. There is a fifth priviledgegreater then any of there , and yet but an outward priviledge; This makes the fun of his proniifed profperity as the noon-day in his higheft zenith ofperfc Lion. ;' Tea many fhall makè fate unto thee. Deluircorporeá vel animo,N The Hebrew is, they(hall intreat thy face. And the word which cum uemine we tranflate entreat, lignifies allo to weary or tire one out to be D'In pained either in minde or body and when it is joined, as heré Facie,, vulrur; ' ' e;jarigare al,- with the word face , or countenance , it fignifies to wear'y one 1ae,aa preciFius: with prayer and intreaty, that is to are many intreaties, fo many _prece guâ intreaties as weary a man to hear them. That parable whichfarigenr virgi- teacheth that men ought alwayes to pray and not to faint, repte- nes,anfaæ mi- fensus with a judge which .feared not God nor. regarded men, na:s arstdienrem cnrsaüxa ve- and with an importunate widow who came untohim faying,fia,n,. Horat. .avenge me ofwine adverfary, and he would not for awhile ; But i, t. od. 3i V3 afterward