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t So Chap, t t. 4n Expofition upon the Boob of JO B. Verf.t9: afterward he¡aidwithinhimfelf Though I fear not godnor regard man, yot becaufe this widow troubleth me lwill avenge her , left by her continual coming fic weary me (Luk.i 8. S. As many are weary of pryer to fomeare wearied with prayers , andgrant the. petitions of the poor no;. to releeve them, but to eafe them- f:lves. So the meaning it this, They fhall make,many fates to thee, even as many as are made to him that is wearied with futors; though it he a great honour tohave furors yet there is a burthen in it too ; The faces ofKi. cgs and Magifirates are wearied with hearing fupplïcations. Others underfiand face here (as it is often taken in the He- brew) for anger anddifpleafure, and give the elegancy of it thus, Many (hall abate, or weary thine anger; when they hear that thou art angryor difpleafed with them , they lhall make fomany lutes and petitions to thee , as trail rake off thine anger and bring it down. It is hard to be angry with thofe that are humbled ; when God is angry, we maybe laid tò weary his anger by prayer,or to caufe him to give over being angry. The Church wonders when the anger of God outftood fomany prayers. OLordGodof bolls how long wilt thon be angry againfl the prayers ofthypeople ? (Hal. 80.4.) The anger of God can hold out as long as his love, but God will appear weary of his anger , when we are not weary of praying to him. We weary the anger of God andmake it faint with fúpplications, when we fupplicare him earnefily and hum- bly without wearineffe and fainting. As finand unbelief are faid to weary the patience of God , (1(a.7. r 3. c.4.3.z4..) So, prayer and faith (or the prayer of faith) are laid to weary the wrath of God. In this fenfe the word is frequently ufed, (Pfa.i a9. 58) I intreated thy favour (or wearied thy face) withmy whole heart. Saul fpeaks in the fame form of words (a Sam.' 3. t?,.) I faid the ThilifInes will come down now upon me in G (gal ; and/ have not made fupplication unto (or wearied the face of) God. So then. the blefling here promifed fob, is, that many (as fubjeas to Prin- ces , and tenants to their Lords , yea as man to God) £h Juld 7'e fufpicient make their fute and do homage to him. As if Zoph6arhad laid, i co/eta , tibi Many now deJ ife and undervalue thee becaufe of thine afjlülion, fúpplices erupt andheretofore many carne bolc1y to dìfciasiet thy perfonand (pail thy propter /4vaias t f3' clignit arena, fubllance ; but the cafe (hall befo altered with thee,iliat they who be- Drut, forede/pifedthee,Jhall honour and reverence thee, (As manyof them who mocked Chrili, Thor tly after adored hits) they that hereto- fore