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Chap. Ir. 4n5 Expofition upon. the Rook of JO B. VerGr9. rst fore terrified thee fhai1be afraid ofthee, and fh:all humble theinfelves before thee. They (hall fear thypower , andbeg thy favour with renewed fupplications, till it(hall be a wearinefs tohear them. Thou flìalt be more able to deffroy them then deny them. Only take my ad- vice, and hearken to my counfel. Be thou earnefi infeelingUnto God, and others Jlsall quickly feekunto thee ; doe thou makeJute to him, and weary hisface, and thou pair feemany will come and weary thy face with fuzes ;Thy very enemies and unkinde.ft friends will be gladnot only ofthy company, but ofagoodwordor a good look from thee. And in this Zophar fpake truer, in referenceunto himfelf and his friends , then he was a ware of ; For as others, fo there three , by the command ofGod (chap. 42.) were glad to come and intreat the face of lob, that he would entreat the face ofGod for them. Hence Obferver Firfi, it is an honour to have others fue orfeekto In this God gives us a (hare, and makes us partakers with him- felf in one of his greatefi honours ; It is the honour of God that all creatures fue to him and depend upon him , that all need his help and that fo many petition him for it every day. He is the God hearing prayer, therefore tohim(hall allflefh come. The higheft glorywhich Grad hash on earth , is, that fo many thoufands come thronging to and knocking at the gate of heaven with tears and prayers. One reafon why Princes and Magiffrates are called gods is becaufe filch as are opprefled or in want make fupplicati- on unto them , Prov. i 9. 6. e,.Wany will intreat the favour of the .`Prince ; It is :he fubjesduty to do it , and the doingof it is the Princes honour : Flatterers are the difgrace of`Princes, but fuitors are a grace unto them. That civil power is drawn down to the lees or is at the lowefi ebbe, which no man or but few fue unto. And the louver} ebbe both of Zions fpiritual power and outward fplcndour is thus expreii Yer.3©. 17. Thus is Zion whom no man feeketh after. Zion was once fought unto , for thither the Tribes went up , they went up thither to worfhip the Lord : and when the glory of Zion fhould be reflored , the Prophet antes her Ifa.6o. 14. The fens of them that aliDed thee fhall come bending'unto,and all they that difpifedthee(ball bow themfelves down at the foesof thyfeet ; Andthey(hall call thee the city ofthe Lord, the Zionof the holy one of Ifrael. Ifa.45. J 4. The labour of Egypt, andmerchandife ofEthiopia, &c. they (hall come outs, andChoyfhall fall