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S52 Chap. r S. An Expofition upon the Rook, of J O B. Verf. ig, fall down unto thee ; theyPall make, fupplicationunto thee , ,(eying, Surely God is in thee, and there is none elre, there is no God.To make fhpplication to any one either fuppofeth him to be a God or that muchofGod is in him. (Pfal. 45. 12.) The rich among the peoplePall intreat thyfavour (it is the word in the text) not only poor mean underlings but the worldly rich among the peoplefhall feekthyheavenl riches, the honourable (hall think it an honour to join in communionwith thee. The Philadelphian Angel is pro- Inifed this highpriviledge, Rev.3.9. 73ehold I. will makethemof the Synagogue ofSatan, whtcbfay they are 7ews , and are not bat doe lie, behold Iwill make them come andworfhip before thyfeet andto know that Ihave loved thee, that is , I will make them fubmit and fue unto thee as untomy fpeciall favourite. The glory of Chrift himfelf is thus defcribed Ufa. r s. t o.) There jhall be a root of 3effe and to him !hall the Jentils feel¿; To feek or makefuit to a man , fpealzs reverence to and: ;worth in his perfon ,. Ie fpeakj ability to !Delp, andfuppofeth willingneffe ; itfpeaks áfear of having thatpower ufedagainst us andan earnefl defare of having it impro- vedfor us ; honour comes in from all quarters to thofe who have many fuitors. Secondly, To whom, and upon what termes doth Zophar make thispromife ? He makes it unto sob, and to him in cafe he Ihould leek unto Godand humble himfelf before him. Obferve, Holineffe towards God, makes us honourable and venerable a= mnengmen. 1 gi 4nt fome are therefore defpifed becaufe they are holy, tines polo- and not a fewcontinue in or turn to unholinefle left they fhould mode m ti efje be defpifed. Holineffe which is the beautyamen and Angels, . ssguntnr nevi- yea of God himfelf, is accounted a blot among unholy ones ; yét les habeantur. all they who aretruly are holy honourable in themfelves , and` Sal. lib. 4 ad 'the are honourable in the eyes and efleem of many others. Bal. Cobol. Y 5' Y Though they are thought unworthy to live in the world , yet the world is not worthy ofthem Heb. i z. 3 8. There is more worth in the leafigrace then in all earthly glory. ¶"hem that honour me (faithGod, , Sam. z. 3e.) Iwill honour andthey that defpife me, (hallbe lightly efteemed. God is the fountain ofhonour, and yet he receives honour. We give much honour uuto ;God whenwe fincerely leek unto him and obey him; they that hononr God thus, shall have a like honour, others thall feek to them and obey them. Since