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Chap. Y I. An Expofition upon the 'Book of J O.B. i S3 Since thou waft precious in my fight thou haft been honourable Ifa. x.3.4. All are ready to honour thofe who are precious in the eyes of earthly Kings , and fue for the favour of their favourites. This in a proportion is true of every one that is precious in the eyes of God he !hall be honoured , fometimes in the eyes of worldly men, but always in the eyes ofmen fearing God. Thére is a fpiritual excellency lampt upon the face of the meanefl fer- vant of God : they that are fpiritual fee and reverence it. The citizenof Zion is defcribed among other qualifications by this al- fo, he is a man, in whole eyes a vile perfon is contemned, but he ho- noureth them that fear the Lord. As grace is honourable, fo it is a lgnof grace to honour thofe who are gracious. Thefe are the promifes made by Zophar toencourage lob, both in general, ver. 17. and in particulars yen' 8, and 19. In the 20th he draws up the conclufion of his fpeech , fetting down the contrary eflate and condition of wicked men, and by confe- tluence the elate of lob if he fhould continue (as he fuppofed him) wicked. While he fpake ofmercy , he fpake in the fecond perfon, herehe (peaks of judgement in the third. Verfe zo. at the eyes ofthe wicked pall fail, and they Pall not efcape , and their hope (hall be as the giving up ofthe ghoi. As if Zophar had faid, 1f thou doe_perfîf in thyfin, thou maief lookfor good till thy eyes ake,and never be bleffedwith thefight ofit; or thy condition ¡ball growyet morefad, fo fad, that thy eyes_hall be pained to fee it, and thou (halt have no hope io efcape it or ifthou haft, it J hall be a dying hope, even like the giving up of theghoft. Here are three branches of this defcripton concerning the op. polite condition of wicked men. Firft, Their eyes hallfail, in looking for good. Secondly, They Jhall not efeape prefent evil, ifthey hope they ball, Then Thirdly, Their hope(hall be ae thegivingup ofebeshaft. The eyes ofthe wickedfhallfail. The failing of the eyes may be conedred twowales. There is frrfl á `natural failing of the eyes through age , as alto through extremity of want and affliEtion (which is an accident unto na- ture) The eyes of the wild afles are laid to fail bemire there was X no