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354 - Chap. i r. An expofition upon the Bookof J OB. Verf.2o no graffe, Jer. T 4.6. God threatens the Pews with fuch troubles as lhould confume their eyes,Levir.í6.16. When Yonathan 1 Sam.14. 29. wanted food , his eyes were dim , and as foon as he had ta- Heyraifnus eft fled a little honey fee I pray you (faith he) howmine eyes have qua extTema been enli0htned becaufe I rafted little of this honey. Neither'of siefóribiteer rium exte there ways are we to underhand it here. Secondly , There is a nuario argue failing ofthe eyes in a moral fence : Though the optick verrue of defitus ad theeye be like that of Moles, which was as firong and clear at a "nor"m ofue hundred and twenty years old , as at twenty yet when a man is Bold, , difappointed of the thing which he looks for his eyes are faid to fail. The failing of our eyes is the difappointment ofour hopes.. And the reafon of that expreflion is, becaufe the eye is the inflru, ment, by which we look up,or look out for thar,which is the de- lire arid wouldbe (as we conceive) the fatisfa£tinn of our fouls. Yet further, the eyes maybe laid to fail two ways. Firft, (As before) When we obtain not what we have long Dutnexpellantexpaled So the captive Yews complain Lama,.. 07. ells for banana EV 0071 no, our eyes ásyet failedfor ocir vainhelp : in our watching we have nlJëqu'untur. waited for nation that could not fave tar. Job in vindication of confu f do his integrity profef eth, that he never caufed the eyes of the widdow mculorurn u- aniturinScrip- tofail Chap. 31.16,) that is, hé neither made them flay overlong turáRabSo1 for an anfwer, nor didhe chide them away prefently with a bad one. For videndo Secondly, Tbis failing of the eyes Both arife from the fight of videndo ion- that which we would not fee , as well as from the not feeing of y efecenr.l:nvi- what we would. Tomeet with that which we laoknotfor , is as atni eft oc7ilo- blefonte as not to meet with that for which we look. And as t IImdolor. want ofthat good which we would enjoy , fo envy at the good which another enjoyes is a pain unto the eyes. Envy is the wort4 difea;è of the eye: when a man Teeth another gouritlt in pro- fperity and in peace, whom he hates, that monfler envy tortures him, and his eyes begin to ake. - In both or either of there fentes we may underfland it here. Firll thus , Wicked men thall look long enough for any good before it comes, theireyes (hall fall out of their heads with look- ing for good becaufe it comes not. .De 70íi ee- Secondly, Their eyes (hall fail, that is, they (hall fee the righ- anula on es & tëoüS to loch rot erit 1 glory, ánvrdis hsc ar. P p y , and railed u a-to Fitch. luítte and f I,itor,mél,%igcn- that they (hall not be able to bear it This tome give as the pecu- da. Bold.. liar intent of the dace. For though the aflertion be appliable CO