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s76 Chap. Y s. An Expofition upon the Zook. of J O B. Verf. 4; from them : but when he law his Difciples hang a little off, he ex- poftluates,Will yealfogo away?(Joh.6.67.)what,youmyDifciples? as if he had Paid, that will be a crofT indeed, your departure will bea home- afli5t ion ; it is no wonder if others do it but .will ye do it ? will ye go away too? And becaufe the fufferings of Christ, were to be the hignefl in all aggravating circumflances, that they might anfwer all the aggravations ofour fns., therefore he was wounded (as the Prophet (peaks) in the houle of his friends, 'betrayed. by his own Difciple., and by a Difciple killing him. Tetrayefi thou the Son ofnian with aWife? (Luk.22.4.2.) Any trea- fon is bad enough , but the treafon of a Difciple and ofa Dilci= pie killing is woth of all. But as it behoved Chrift to fulfill all righteoufneffe fo to receive all unkindnefl'es,, and therefore this. Though (as 1 have noted already) Job was not a type of Chrift, yet their fufferings were very like : Chrift was wounded by the lips and Job by the tongueof a friend. I am as a man mocked pfhis neighbour. Who calleth. upon Godand be anfwereth him; There is a difference among expoltours about the antecedent óf this Who : whether it fhould be refer'd to =Job, or to the (neighbour about whom ..Job fpeaks. 1 am as a manmockedof his neighbour , who, which neighbour callsuponGodand he anfwers him. So fome underhand it and then the words area defcription of Jobs neighbour, 1. am. as a man that. is snacked of his neighbour, and what kinde of neighbour is he ? he is one that ufeth to call upon and to be heard of God, he is, a man acquainted with God tinßp in prayer. The Hebrew word which we tranflate to call upon Dicinur cui ex God, notes,a fort ofmen whole chief bulines or trade was to call effacio incum., upon or invocate, the Name ofGod. Pal: 6, bin o baron amonghis Pries andSamuel among them that c pn his Deno Bold. , , name, they called upon. the Lord and heanfwered them .; implying; 3iccine Indus that it was their fpecial calling to call upon God : So faith Job,. ts' fabula ero I amas one mockedofhis neighbour ; which neighbour is one that eeiam iiíe, qni cáils npon God , that's his profeflion or his work and 'tis .as a in Deifamula. painfull fo. a moll noble work. Prophets and Priefts were pro- in focií enei fefed callers upon God , That interpretationof the word gives aareenconuf tem" the fenfe thus , I am deridedbyneighbours, who yet are filch as gninif erii ? wouldbe loth that Ced fhould deride them : they deride' me whole Bold. duty it is to prayfor me, and to,pray with me; youare men ofprayer,' men