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ig6 Chap.' 2. An Expofitionupon theBook, of JOB. Verf. JOB Chap. 12. Verf. 5, 6. llethat k ready toflip withhis Feet,is as a lamp defpi., . fed in the thought ofhitn that is at cafe. The Tabernacles ofRobbersprofper,and they that pro, yoke God, are fecssre, intowhofe hand God bring- eth abundantly. TN the former context which contained the preface to this ea- fuing difcourfe, Job taxeththe pride and felf-conceitednef, the fcorn and contemptuoufnefs of his friends. They thought themfelves the chiefof men, and mockedhim, as if he hadnot been fe much as aman, or not to benumbred among men. Now he enters upon theargument it felf ; And in thefe two .Verfes laies down two pofitions in direct oppofition to what Zophar hadalerted. Heat the 17th. verfe ofthe i ith.Chapter, dekribes the Rate of a godlyman, exceeding the light of the moon-day,andofthemorning. Thineage(hall be clearer than the noon-day, and thou_Platt be as the morning,&c. And at the-loth. verfe he givesungodly men their doom. The eyes ofthe wicked (ball fail,and their hopePall be su thegiving upof theghoft.Both thefe concinflons are contradiéled by yob, the former in the 5th.Verfe,and the latter in the 6th. In the 5th. He that is ready toflip withhis feet, is as a lamp defpifed ; As ifhe had Paid, Thou, telleff me thatagodly manfhall be brighter than the fun at noon, that his brightnefs fhalt increafe lie the morning fun, more and ?core untothe perfeEl. dey ; whereas,alas, I fee all the. light which many agodly manbath, no bigger than a candle or a lamp, and that not like the light of agreat candleneither, or of a goodly beautiful lamp, but like the light offome poor candle ofthe fixteens, orof the meancft lamp. There is agreat difference between a lamp and the fun., What is the light of the moll pining lam pito the light of the fine? but the difference is greater between thefun 0. abufe blink, ing lamp. I fee their light noclearer,than that ofa defpifed lamp, svhefe light thou talk"!Up to thefunat noonfor clearnefs. The ho- lieft men,zfafflieted,dobut fmuther inJteadof finning. Again,thou telleft me that Theeyes of the wickedpallfail,ana that their hope f l be as the giving tep of theshoji ; bat 1 have often lienand Gin